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Written by Central Electronic Brain     September 05, 2018    
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Bloodstock 2018 - Catton Park, Walton-On-Trent (UK) - 9-12 August 2018

Every year, when I do a festival, or more specifically Download, I come away saying never again and almost every year, I end up doing it again. It does get harder the older you get, but for some strange reason, I will have done five by the end of August. Bloodstock would be my fourth of the five. I have done it before, but not for three years, and I have to admit to liking Bloodstock as the site (which is at Catton Park at Walton-on-Trent in Derbyshire) is much more compact than Donington and this makes the running around a little easier; however, the quality of the bands is still quite high and you still have to do the run-around. Obviously, the weather was in our thoughts before we left, and so far, all the festivals had been okay this year; however, the weather guessers had said that we were going to get thunder, lightning and all the rain that we had escaped for the previous couple of months at some time over the weekend – specifically Sunday looked the most likely.

Friday 10 August

Somehow, this has turned into a four day affair with admittedly not an awful lot on the Thursday, but it still counts. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn't get there until Friday, and it was past 7pm at that, so I had missed some bands that I would seriously have liked to have seen. This included Lovebites, Memorium, Wednesday 13 and Kamelot, so I was a little peed off before we started. The only bands still left to perform by the time we got there was Judas Priest on the main stage, and Doro who would come on just as Priest finished on the Sophie Lancaster stage.

Now the thing about Judas Priest is, it isn't really Judas Priest anymore, is it? Now that Glenn Tipton has had to bow out due to his Parkinson's Disease, that leaves just two remaining members of the band from their most successful period – namely vocalist Rob Halford and bassist Ian Hill. Therefore, it's not really, really Judas Priest. However, Halford still sounds like Halford, although he does not sing as high, nor for as long as he used to. This tour was in support of their last album, 'Firepower', which has been out a while now.

Bloodstock 2018 Judas Priest Live 1

This would be the first time I had seen Tipton's touring replacement, Andy Sneap, play with the band. The group came on after the intros of Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs' and the 'Firepower' intro (don't know why they didn't do just one), and they were straight into 'Firepower' which made me wonder what the ratio of new to old would be. With just three new songs and the rest going as far back as 'The Ripper', it covered a wide time period, but they played stuff I had never heard live before, yet still left out some of the fan favourites.

Bloodstock 2018 Judas Priest Live 2

There was no pyro and no fireworks at the end, but the Harley came on at the right time for 'Hell Bent For Leather' so everybody seemed happy. I had kept my ear to the ground as I knew that on many occasions Tipton came on at the end of the set, but I had heard nothing to suggest that today. With that in mind, I made my way to the Sophie Lancaster Stage (which will hence be called stage two for this review) because Doro, who I had never seen before, was due to come on five minutes before Priest finished, which was a bit strange, and I wanted a good spot. Guess what? Tipton did come on for the encores and I missed him.

Set-list: War Pigs Intro (Black Sabbath), Firepower Intro, Firepower, Grinder, Sinner, The Ripper, Lightning Strike, Bloodstone, Saints In Hell, Turbo Lover, Prelude, Tyrant, Night Comes Down, Freewheel Burning, Guardians, Rising From Ruins, You've Got Another Thing Comin', Hell Bent For Leather, Painkiller

Doro has been around for ages, yet I didn't know what to expect. The set was all Warlock songs and she performed with a lot of energy, while the musicianship was very good. Now I don't know if it was because I had just seen Priest on the main stage, but I felt strangely detached from what was going on. I tended to think that the music reminded me too much of the seventies, a period when I felt that all female singers tried too much to sound like Robert Plant.

Bloodstock 2018 Doro Live

Most of the successful, female-fronted bands today have refined their sound so that it complements the vocals better, sounding more melodic, and I suppose I am more into the bigger sound that you get these days... or maybe it was just because it had been a long day and my brain wasn't working properly.

Set-list: I Rule The Ruins, East Meets West, Burning The Witches, Für Immer, All For Metal, All We Are, Metal Tango

Saturday 11 August

The first thing we checked was the weather and it looked good – no rain, no wind and bright sunshine – which meant everyone was going to sweat. Rock 'n' Roll isn't all glamour you know.

Kilonova are a female-fronted band, who I thought were quite good with strong vocals, even though singer Ellen Hill seemed not really sure about what to say between songs. I later found out, talking to the young lady, that this was only the sixth time they had played together which explained a few things. She said she was very nervous, but her performance, despite what I highlighted above, was very good, and bearing in mind she came off the stage to sing in the pit, she has also got balls.

Bloodstock 2018 Kilnova Live

Cadence Noir are the product of two different genres of music coming together, namely Folk and Rock. Now Folk Rock isn't anything new and the band looked like two goths, a wizard and an "I'm too cool for that shit" looking guitarist which made him look slightly out of place. The music was okay and has been described by someone as Folk Rock simply because there is a violin and a double bass in there, but it didn't sound folky to me. When using the violin, it did have a very strong Irish-tinge to it, while the bass player (wizard) also used an electric double bass, rather strangely with a toy penguin shoved behind the strings at the bridge to mute the sound. The penguin didn't squeak once.

Bloodstock 2018 Cadence Noir Live

I was sure Orden Ogan were here in 2015, but guitarist/vocalist Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann said that this was their first time here, so I was obviously wrong. They were fine exponents of Melodic Metal, even though they performed without a bass guitar as Levermann explained that he broke his thumb two days before, so bass player Niels Löffler played his guitar parts, while Levermann just did the vocals – he also commented, "who needs bass anyway?" which must have made Löffler feel great. To be honest, it didn't sound bad without bass, so I had to assume it would have been even better with it.

Bloodstock 2018 Orden Ogan Live

Set-list: To New Shores Of Sadness, F.E.V.E.R., Gunman, Come With Me To The Other Side, We Are Pirates, Fields Of Sorrow, The Things We Believe In.

Venom Inc. kind of made me laugh because if guitarist Jeff Dunn hadn't had a Mohican haircut, I could have believed he had just left his comfy armchair in the living room after watching a Western and then popped up on stage here. The history of this band is quite complicated, with more ins and outs than a railway tunnel, but ending up with three earlier members of seventies band Venom, only now called Venom Inc.

Bloodstock 2018 Venom Inc Live 1

I can only say one thing about them, and that is whether they were trying to or not, they really sounded like Motörhead which would probably have pleased a lot of people. I'm not sure if this is the intention, but bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan sang in a style so like Lemmy Kilmister that I thought it would be interesting to hear how different he would be if he didn't sound like him. All the music played was old Venom material with no reference to what they did in times away from the Venom name. I suppose the music wasn't too bad, despite the name placing thoughts of music in my head that I couldn't deal with, but that was back in the seventies, and I have become a little more accepting now.

Set-list: Intro, Metal We Bleed, Die Hard (Venom), Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil), (Venom), Don't Burn The Witch, (Venom), War, Lady Lust (Venom), Leave Me In Hell (Venom), Black Metal (Venom) Sons Of Satan (Venom), Witching Hour (Venom).

Vola are a Melodic Rock band from Finland and Sweden whose big moment was held up for them due to technical problems, something I believe was due to the keyboard player not being able to connect his laptop with his keyboard sounds on to his midi keyboard controller (so that we could hear them through his speaker). Technology, there to make everybody's life easier?! They were good when they finally got going, but didn't have a lot visually which you really need to think about these days.

Bloodstock 2018 Vola Live

The entry in my notebook against Equinox stated, "slightly heavier Melodic Rock", but doesn't say who they were compared to. Possibly Vola as that was the band we saw before them. The group come from Liverpool with a lot of Classic Rock influences. Vocalist Daniel Moran was quite energetic and he actually came down into the pit to get closer to the audience. There were not that many in the New Blood Tent, but this didn't seem to deter them. At one point, he took out his mobile phone and got the whole audience to shout "Happy Birthday Tony" to one of his friends. What a thoughtful chap.

Bloodstock 2018 Equinox Live

One band I did want to see, but missed a lot of because I got their on-stage time wrong, were CombiChrist. They were, however, on as I walked across the top of the arena between stages two and three, and what I heard was interesting, so I stood and watched for a while. They appeared to have two drummers, both of which looked a bit wild to say the least. They were doing a song that appeared to be called 'Fuck That Shit' and seemed to go on for quite a while. I thought they sounded like a cross between Rammstein and Rob Zombie, so quite good really. However, I was told later that the only thing done live by them on stage was the vocals, allegedly.

I had mentioned Aonia to a couple of other journalists the day previous as I had seen them twice at Sheffield just before Christmas last year; the first time of which I found that the two girl singers actually came from my hometown. They had put in quite a lot of effort regarding their appearance here today by handing out little packages which contained a CD single, a badge, a plectrum, a band patch and a band logo sticker with the words "If you've got nothing better to do at that time, come and see us". As the photographer friend of mine said, with the effort that they did put in, he would be there, and not only were the journo's there, but the tent really filled up. Their music is very strong and it was made even better by the two Opera-style singers who did very nice harmonies and whose corsets lit up in the dark.

Bloodstock 2018 Aonia Live

You don't get that with Nightwish or Within Temptation, do you? Even the security supervisor who was doing his walk-about stopped for the whole set, videoing the last song on his phone and stating he would upload it to the internet somewhere. To top of the show, they gave out even more CDs at the end. If you see they are playing anywhere near you, go check them out, you won't be disappointed.

I was aware that Alestorm have played at least once, possibly twice, at Download previously, but again, they were one of those bands that I had not had the chance to see. With a massive, yellow plastic duck on stage, I had the feeling that they were not going to play serious music, and this was confirmed as soon as they came on with Chris Bowes wearing a kilt. They are a fun-time band and it is always good to have a little light relief in the middle of the relentless Metal that was being pumped out today.

Bloodstock 2018 Alestorm Live 2

The crowd surfing was relentless and I have never seen so many inflatables, of every shape and size, flying through the air as I did during their performance. It had also started raining just before they came on, but all the crowd seemed to be oblivious with everything else that was going on. I did hear that somebody got injured during the start of 'Captain Morgan's Revenge' which resulted in interruptions until it was sorted out.

Set-list: Intro, Keelhauled, Alestorm, Mexico, The Sunk'n Norwegian, No Grave But The Sea, Nancy The Tavern Wench, Rumpelkombo, Hangover (Taio Cruz), Bar ünd Imbiss, Captain Morgan's Revenge, Shipwrecked, Drink, Fucked With An Anchor, Mr Blobby

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Voodoo Sioux were in the Jäger Tent just as the rain started to get heavier, so in I went. The vocalist was made up to look like an Indian which probably came as no surprise to anybody. They were fairly solid and the bassist looked like a bit of a character. They did a ballad which the vocalist stated they had been told not to do, but they did it anyway... and good for them.

Another band I knew nothing about until tonight, and one that I couldn't make my mind up about to start with, were French rockers Gojira. A lot of the songs were slow in tempo and I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. I also thought they had one foot heavily in the Prog camp, but I was probably a little overawed by the spectacle in front of me. Right from the start, there was smoke billowing out from the stage over the crowd's heads and also flames going off in various directions which presented a bit of a problem. We had been told that we could photograph them from the pit during the second, third and fourth songs. So, in we went at song two, and it only seemed a couple of minutes later, or maybe even half way through the third song, that we were all told to leave the pit; apparently this was due to pyro that would fire over the crowd's heads for song four and they wouldn't let us stay.

Bloodstock 2018 Gojira Live 1

This was a little distracting and we then had to find our way back into the arena to watch the rest of the proceedings. The light show was equally as grand as the pyro and there were people there with their mouths open. There was also a lot of melody in their music which convinced me that Prog played a big part here. Altogether very impressive, even more so with the firework display at the end and a band which I will definitely check out in the future

Set-list: Only Pain, The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe, Love, Stranded, Flying Whales, The Cell, Backbone (w. Remembrance Outro), Terra Inc., Silvera, L'Enfant Sauvage, Drum Solo, The Shooting Star, Toxic Garbage Island, The Gift Of Guilt

Orphaned Land was the headline band on stage two at the end of Saturday and I thought they were really good. They played a kind of Melodic Prog so it was a given really. Vocalist Kobe Farhi did remind me of Jesus with his full-length robe and bare feet, and even more so when he stood centre stage with his arms spread wide. Having not seen them before, I wasn't aware of their history, but I knew that the music had a strong message because the guy who introduced them said so, but he didn't say what it was.

Bloodstock 2018 Orphaned Land Live 1

I found out later that they are from Israel which may put some ideas into your head. The tent filled up a bit more when Gojira had finished, and they had a good-sized crowd who obviously thought it better to come in here and see them than drive or walk home and go to bed after a long day that had been nice and sunny (until it started to rain at around 17:30) – Testament enough.

Set-list: The Cave, All Is One, Ocean Land (The Revelation), The Kiss Of Babylon (The Sins), Like Orpheus, We Do Not Resist, Sapari, Let The Truce Be Known, In Propaganda, All Knowing Eye, In Thy Never Ending Way, Encore: Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War, Norra el Norra (Entering The Ark)

Sunday 11 August

It had rained possibly all night and I knew for definite it was slinging it down at 2am, so now was the time to break out the wellingtons (only seen on very rare occasions). The site had obviously become very muddy and slippery which made certain areas difficult to negotiate (approaches to the toilets etc.). It was still raining so the Sunday looked like being fun right from the off.

Amaranthe are a band with three "vocalists", or should I say two vocalists and one screamer, and I don't like screamers. However, with one of these vocalists being female, I wondered if they would be anything like Lacuna Coil who have Andreas Ferro doing grunts and screams as a contrast to the vocals of Cristina Scabbia, therefore, I thought, why not? I have to say I thought they were really good, even though they were delayed for quite a while with technical problems, so bassist Johan Andreassen just went into a comedy routine which was quite entertaining, although he was running out of stuff to say towards the end.

Bloodstock 2018 Amaranthe Live 1

Then the music started, and though there was screaming in it (why?), it wasn't that obvious or that much. It was in most, if not all the songs, but it wasn't overbearing, just put in here and there. This group are well worth looking up.
Set-list: Maximize, On The Rock, Dynamite, Hunger, The Nexus

Alien Weaponry had a lot of people heading to the second stage tent before they came on, so I thought I had made a good decision to put them on the list. They had a fairly heavy sound with the vocals being a little screechy in parts, which made me scratch my head once again with the question of why they do that when they have a decent singing voice in the first place. Surely this thing must have run its course by now.

Bloodstock 2018 Alien Weaponry Live

When I saw Fozzy were on the bill to play today, I just thought about a YouTube video I had seen of Chris Jericho performing at a festival and thinking that he couldn't sing, and as such I wouldn't be that bothered in checking them out. However, while walking across the back of the arena from stage two to stage three, I heard them playing and I actually said, 'You know what, this is quite good". I actually said that, and then found myself going down to the main stage to check him out at closer quarters.

Bloodstock 2018 Fozzy Live

When I also looked at my partner's notes, she had written "think he's had lessons". It was quite amusing seeing Jericho climb round the stage stanchions to get to stand on the PA speakers, only to find it a little more difficult to get back. One thing I will say, he does love the applause, and further to the "having lessons" mentioned earlier, I was later talking to someone who watched as he went into the crowd, and then remarked that his vocals did not change one bit. Make of that what you will.

Judas, Drinkin' With Jesus, Bad Tattoo, Painless, Burn Me Out, Lights Go Out, Do You Wanna Start A War, Sandpaper

Ethyrfield are made up of fairly young kids with the drummer remarkably being only fourteen years old. I had heard a bit of UFO and Rush on guitar before they came on stage, but I didn't hear any included in their set. They all looked very confident and comfortable up there, and it just made me sick. It's an abomination I tell you, and it shouldn't be allowed.

Sangre was a band on my list because I thought they were going to be melodic, but it turned out the singer was a grunter, so a few minutes was enough for me. Dawn Of Anubis were playing in the Jäger Tent as I walked past, so I thought I would have a couple of minutes there. To be fair, if any band has an act, this is not the stage to be on, but it's a good testing ground to see how you do in a squeeze and if your material is good enough to hold the attention of maybe thirty to fifty people in a small space. To be fair, they were okay but nothing special. The singer had a decent enough voice, but he was no Meat Loaf, despite being around the same build.

I didn't have Jasta down on my list to check out, but somebody told me that they would have guests on from all different bands to do covers so it might be fun. From what I heard, the music was okay, but the vocals were a little too much like Rap for me.

Bloodstock 2018 Jasta Live

First guest on was Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage and current Light The Torch vocalist) for 'Chasing Demons', which saw Jones demonstrate that he has a good voice between the Rap sections of the song. Next up was Dino Cazares from Fear Factory with their song 'Edgecrusher'. Last guest on was Crowbar's (and ex-Down's) Kirk Windstein, for 'Buried In Black' which is actually a Kingdom Of Sorrow song. So, my informant was correct and the set had quite a line up, which surprised a lot of people.

The Same Flame, This Is Your Life, Chasing Demons (with Howard Jones), Body Hammer (Fear Factory with Dino Cazares), Edgecrusher (Fear Factory with Dino Cazares), Replica (Fear Factory with Dino Cazares), Buried in Black (Kingdom of Sorrow with Kirk Windstein), All I Had (I Gave) (Crowbar with Kirk Windstein), Last Breath (Hatebreed with Kirk Windstein), Bury Me In Smoke (Down with Kirk Windstein)

Underside are from Kathmandu, Nepal, and it would appear that they don't speak any English, certainly the front-man and vocalist didn't. As with a lot of bands here today, they had technical problems which held them up quite a bit. When they got going their show was very visual with a very nice young lady on bass guitar and two dancers bedecked in very strange character costumes, which kind of took my mind off the music, but what bit I did take in was Thrashy at times and quite good in between, although I wouldn't know how to describe it. Worth checking out just for the visuals.

Bloodstock 2018 Underside Live 1

Mr. Big was a surprising name on the bill to me: they are quite a big name and they are not Metal. However, they are a bloody good Rock band with Billy Sheehan on bass and the incredible Paul Gilbert on guitar, and the crowd there today obviously knew that as there was a really large number of fans at the main stage. They did all their stage tricks, Gilbert played his guitar with the electric drill during the opening number, and Billy Sheehan played harmonica while vocalist Eric Martin stood behind him as he continued the bass line on Sheehan's guitar. Naturally, they played 'To Be With You' which practically everyone there sang along to, but my favourite Mr. Big track was 'Green Tinted Sixties Mind' with the brilliant hammer-on guitar intro from Gilbert.... and I actually got to see him do it close up.

Bloodstock 2018 MrBig Live 1

Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (Electric Drill Song), Rock & Roll Over, Alive And Kickin', Green-Tinted Sixties Mind, Guitar Solo, Price You Gotta Pay, Wild World (Cat Stevens), Addicted To That Rush, To Be With You, Colorado Bulldog

It wasn't a long walk from the main stage to the third stage, but when you come out from the pit which is at the opposite end from where you are headed, you need to walk to the top of the arena, walk along to the end of the crowd, and then come back down the slope to the stage. It therefore can take longer than you think, and all this to see a band I had never heard of called Sellsword who are probably still unsigned. However, occasionally, that means nothing as on this occasion.

Bloodstock 2018 Sellsword Live

Before they came on, I noticed a miniature trebuchet (honest) and a microphone stand that was the sword in the stone. The first thing I thought when they came on was "the singer looks a bit old compared to the rest of them", but appearances can be deceptive as, prior to starting, we were told they were from the "Walled City of Jorvik" (that's York to the unsure) and when they started, they were bloody good, and when he started he was bloody good too. For some reason, I found it hard to believe that this guy had the voice he had, which included a high scale that easily competed with Rob Halford. He just didn't look that type of person, to the extent that when he tested the mic before they came on, I thought he was the technician. They sang songs about Merchants Of Venice and 'Hard Water', and handed out swords to the crowd so that they could wave them while they were on, and yes, they fired things into the audience from the trebuchet (which was called for on numerous occasions), and when the singer took the mic, it removed the sword from the stone. They were very, very good, and when they had finished, a section of the crowd were shouting "Yorkshire, Yorkshire", probably to remind the band where they were from so they could get back safely after they had finished. Who knows, but one thing I do know is that I will be checking them out in future.

Servers came on stage decked out in hoodies and masking their faces, although the guy on the left of the stage seemed to have broken ranks and had his face uncovered. I wasn't sure why they were called Servers, or if the hoodies and masks had any significance, other than just having "the look". They played to a small crowd, but at least they had somebody there. They were alright and I didn't forget that this was the stage for new bands that don't necessarily have recording contracts or anything like that yet, which I think is a great idea and it has to look good on a band's CV.

Bloodstock 2018 Servers Live

We had seen a little of Pallbearer on the internet and they looked okay, so I thought I would pay them a visit on stage two. The Arkansas band stated that they were a Thrash band, but they were introduced as a Doom Metal group. It soon became obvious to me that 'Doom Metal' was a bit too Doom and gloom for me, and it actually reminded me of a Black Sabbath 45rpm single being played at 33rpm. The vocals were not scream or grunt-based, which was a good thing, and the music was sort of alright, but I just started to feel that time had slowed down.

Bloodstock 2018 Pallbearer Live

I had one wish before I saw Nightwish, that being that vocalist Floor Jansen didn't wear those leather shorts she wore the last time I saw them. As it turned out, she didn't, so it wasn't a distraction. What was slightly distracting was the flames that shot out over our heads, and how hot they were. I'm sure that this was the reason they threw us out of the pit for Gojira, so a little puzzler right there. As ever, they put on a very accomplished show with flame, smoke and lighting, and the band were delighted that the crowd sang along to the songs, particularly during 'Nemo', with Jansen occasionally stopped during so she could listen. I have to say that Jansen's vocal style is closer to Tarja's (Turunen, original singer) than Annette Olzen's who still did a good job in a difficult situation, so they now tend to sound as they did originally. To say it was the final night of Bloodstock, and Nightwish were the final headliners, I was a little surprised they had no firework display at the end.

Bloodstock 2018 Nightwish Live

End Of All Hope, I Wish I Had An Angel, 10th Man Down, Come Cover Me, Gethsemane, Élan, Sacrament Of Wilderness, Amaranth, I Want My Tears Back, Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean, Nemo, Slaying The Dreamer, The Greatest Show On Earth (Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker), Ghost Love Score, The Greatest Show On Earth

Another band that were not on my list (and wouldn't have been had the young lady who escorted photographers to the main stage not asked if I was going to watch them) were Watain. I found out that they were a little different in their performance. She did tell me that they were a bit "uurrgghh" vocal-wise, which wasn't my thing; she also said that they would be great to photograph and that they used a lot of blood on stage and to make sure I took a waterproof jacket. Now I'm a big Alice Cooper fan and I still have a tour T-shirt with some of the stage blood on that was thrown about after he had his head cut off, but when I talked to her again later, it became obvious that she wasn't talking stage blood, but the real thing – albeit pig's blood.

Bloodstock 2018 Watain Live 1

Now the thing is, my partner is a vegetarian and we were in her car, and I wanted to get home that night, but she made it quite clear that if I did this and I got covered in the stuff, I would not be getting in her car. She sort of solved the problem by buying a plastic rain poncho and in I went. The stage, and the whole tent, was quite dark with very few lights on. After a while, a young lady came out with a burning tapir to light a number of candles on stands at the front of the stage, and there was a smell drifting through the air that we all decided was the pig's blood. The band came on, and the first thing vocalist Erik Danielsson did was go to the back of the stage and light more stuff up (a fire engine was in attendance just for this performance). The lady I spoke to was right, great to see and photograph, although very difficult too as it was so dark. The music itself was very good, but the vocals were "Uurrgghh". There was no blood thrown, well, not before I left, and I don't think the fire engine was needed.

Stellarvore, Devil's Blood, Malfeitor, Nuclear Alchemy, Furor Diabolicus, Outlaw, Sacred Damnation, On Horns Impaled, Waters Of Ain

That was Bloodstock done for this year and I suppose it had been successful. Yes, it rained, but nothing like we were told it was going to be with more like intermittent showers than the thunder, lightning and total downpour we were promised. I am sure that if I had not taken the wellies, then that would be what we would have got. There had been some big names, and everybody we saw there looked calm and relaxed. I have read since that the organisers have reported it was the biggest attended thus far, with eighteen thousand fans in attendance, and with the calibre of headliners they are attracting, I am sure it will keep growing. I just hope it doesn't grow too big.

Review and photos by Andy Brailsford

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  • Berny : Fireworks #96 is out now! :)
  • Berny : @Paul wiv: Pls. check your email!
  • Paul wiv : I have paid for issue 92 but it hasn't downloaded yet.
  • Berny : @Adamson: Bitte kontaktiere mich direkt, meine Mailadresse lautet «email»
  • Adamson : kann man hier auch auf Deutsch schreiben? denn ich hätte eine Frage?
  • KI2000 : Wow, issue #95 has to be the BEST one so far. Congratulations guys!!

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