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Those tired of another predictable album in the Melodic Metal vein will rejoice in the flavours displayed by Azoria.

With a genesis tracing back to Alexander Oriz from Swedish Power Metal band ReinXeed, Azoria's debut entitled 'Seasons Change' is an enjoyable affair. Instead of using a single vocalist, Azoria chooses to feature different voices on each track. Although the disparity in vocal timbres can be somewhat of an Achilles heel for some albums, I am pleased to report that like Avantasia, this approach works well for Azoria. The tracks transition smoothly and hold together well, affording '...Change' to feel like a homogenous body of work rather than a slapdash collection of songs.

The album's strength lies in its diversity which is executed with style and precision. Whether it be mood or intensity, each song evokes a different feel and emotion which is further reinforced with a sublime track sequence. Enhancing the album's variety, the track 'When You Sleep' features the impressive talents of the relatively unknown Matilda Eriksson. Instead of the female vocal sounding out of context, it really adds to the album's complexity and is sequenced at a point where it sounds refreshing as opposed to contrived.

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A strong theatrical vibe permeates throughout the album where an entire visual production (a la Trans Siberian Orchestra) would best compliment the music. Melodic, dramatic, strong hooks, succinct compositions, accomplished musicianship and polished production are all qualities with where 'Seasons Change' excels.

Those tired of another predictable album in the Melodic Metal vein will rejoice in the flavors displayed by newcomers, Azoria.

Brent Rusche

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