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I plead with Metal fans to make this part of their collection. You won't be disappointed - I promise you.

I'll tell you, if I was to tune in to any radio station here in America and hear Cain's Offering, Angra, The 69 Eyes or the band we're about to talk about, I'd probably go into seizures. But I think I can say with a degree of certainty, American radio will probably never play music outside the present status quo. Undoubtedly deserving to be heard is Germany's Vanish and their sophomore offering, 'Come To Wither.'

Incorporating elements of the Progressive, the Melodic and Power Metal, Vanish has come out with one damn fine release. It was Primal Fear vocal-God Ralf Scheepers himself who when hearing Vanish in the studio was so impressed with what he heard that he volunteered his voice for one of the album's tracks.

Picture the power of the fantastic Demons & Wizards, the heavy melodic tunes of Sahg, and the Progressive refrains of Beyond Twilight, and you have Vanish. The music of '...Wither' is loud, heavy, extremely harmonious, guitar driven, with melodic keyboards and pounding drums, with the powerful, almost baritone, voice of Bastian Rose adding his commanding vocal prowess to each track; imagine the deep, growling vocal style of Bjorn Jannson (Tears Of Anger/Ride The Sky/Imaginary) and you have an idea.

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The music of '...Wither' comes together nicely within the boundaries of each track, never straying needlessly with superfluous notes. Each song is played passionately, with talent and vigor, and one can tell each band member put their all into each song. The music flows, and the result is a true cohesiveness between the band members. Rose has such a dominating voice that it gives each track even more authority and what is heard is one excellent Metal release that is best heard one way – loud.

Listen to the unbelievable drumming with the machine gun guitar riffs of 'Great Collapse', the soft introduction of 'Curtain Call' when at 1:05 keyboards give way to subtle vocal harmonies that then blows wide open into a true Metal track. Pay attention to the synthesizers of the melodic 'Hope Shall Rise', the explosive (couldn't be played loud enough album highlight) 'Reboot' and 'Hollow' that changes perfectly with various tempo changes, volumes, intensity, and goes from all-out Metal to soft melodies without warning. The closing track, the outstanding seven minute 'The Grand Design' (including Scheepers) features some sensational piano with great lyrics.

Vanish has done everything right here. The best praise I could give this young band is to have their music played on American radio, but sadly that is out of my control. What I can do is plead with Metal fans to make this part of their collection. You won't be disappointed – I promise you.

Franco Cerchiari

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