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"He who laughs last, laughs longest" is the final say in the argument about the ever-going "Grunge versus 1980s Rock" debate.

The majority of AOR/Melodic Rock albums released recently are a collective proof that the proverbial "he who laughs last, laughs longest" is the final say in the argument about the ever-going "Grunge versus 1980s Rock" debate; the former being dead and gone, the latter of the two rival genres still producing dozens, if not hundreds, of notable releases each year. One such release is the third album 'Hit 'N' Run' by the Greek band Wild Rose, whose music simply screams the 1980s catchy Melodic Rock straight into the face of yours.

For the first seconds of the opening track 'Through The Night' you may start to wonder if it's still 2014 on the clock – from the keyboard-driven melody to the irresistible hook line; it's evident that WR haven't wasted their words while proclaiming their newly recorded material to be "pure AOR sound". The next few songs are the charming, mid-tempo 'I'll Be There' followed by the equally melodic 'Stay'. 'Without Your Love' is a grandiose ballad moment, a worthy representative of something this genre simply couldn't do without, while the more dynamic 'Another Day' and 'Can't Wait On Love' both gravitate towards slightly heavier spheres of Pomp Rock.

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'Give In To Me' features some grinding instrumental interludes and a surprisingly heavy solo, preceding 'Together', which is a slower song embellished with fantastic vocal harmonies and tasteful, nifty guitar playing. Another offering with lovely melodies are that of 'Don't Walk Away' and the sugary 'All For Love', both fabulous AOR pieces. The final track 'I Want Your Love' is as strong as the rest of the material, all the key ingredients of the perfect Melodic Rock mixture blended together.

Wild Rose's 'Hit 'N' Run' simply has it all. With its blistering guitars swathed in shiny keyboards, huge infectious choruses and perfect vocal harmonies (plus, perhaps, some visual yet clichéd treats for the male part of the audience as far as the cover artwork is concerned), it's the perfect AOR album. If released twenty-five years earlier, this Greece-based quintet could have competed with the likes of Signal, Blue Tears or Da Vinci; released in 2014 is it nevertheless a gem worth of highest recommendation.

Alexandra Mrozowska

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