Alberto Rigoni - 'Overloaded' Hot

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One for bass players and Prog-Metal completists only.

I'm guessing that instrumental solo albums by bass players probably aren't at the top of the average Fireworks reader's shopping lists, even my own extensive instrumental collection doesn't go any further than Stanley Clarke, Stu Hamm and Jeff Berlin.

As well as being a member of Daniele Liverani's Twinspirits, bassist for Italian Pop diva Alexia and founder of Electro Pop duo Lady And The Bass, this is Italian Alberto Rigoni's fourth solo album, and whilst he has previously pulled in the likes of Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Goran Edman (Malmsteen etc.) and Mark Cross (Firewind), amongst others, this time he's mostly providing employment for fellow countrymen.

Joined by drummer Denis Novello, keyboardist Federico Solazzo and a few guest guitarists, Rigoni has some interesting ideas here and the mix of Progressive and Symphonic themes on the title track are augmented by the brilliant Marco Sfogli from James LaBrie's band. DGM guitarist Simone Mularoni shreds on the stop/start fusion of 'Corruption' and the accessible 'Ubick', whilst the tuneful 'Liberation' has some amazing work from respected Shrapnel Records solo artist Fabrizio Leo and is easily the best tune here.

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The other five tracks don't feature a guitarist and are a bit of a mixed bag, from the pleasant multi-tracked bass solo 'Glory Of Life' and the Chroma Key-like mix of music and sound effects of 'Floating Capsule', to the dense, distorted and mostly unlistenable 'Chron' and the pointless opening track 'What's On Your Mind'.

The playing is exemplary and the production is pretty sharp too, but the market for an album like this is limited and it isn't one I'll return to very often; one for bass players and Prog-Metal completists only.

Phil Ashcroft

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