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Those that like their Rock a little Avant-Garde will find 'A Girl And Her Giraffe' magnifique.

I think we already have a winner for the "Weirdest Album Title Of The Year" with 'A Girl And Her Giraffe'; it is the sophomore album from Danish four-piece Kuko De Kobra who took their name from the circus artist 'Fakir Kuko The Cobra' (real name John).

Martin Pagaard, who co-produced the band's debut album 'Naja Naja', takes on the full production duties as well as the drums on '...Giraffe'. John Sharling, who handles the bass and lead vocals, is the principal song-writer and describes this album as "a Rock record with a strong Pop sensibility".

The latter is sustained by having the majority of the songs only three minutes or so in length with the exception of the seven minute 'Be Leaf' which is noted for some spectacular solos courtesy of Martin Jepsen Andersen (Blindstone, Meridian) and Thomas Skov Christensen.

The first couple of songs are very catchy and immediately grab the listeners attention, starting with 'Ocean Wide' that was originally released last August, as an alternative and artistic music video shot entirely on an iPhone. Secondly, 'Fitzroy Road (Head In The Oven)' was released online on the 50th anniversary of the death of American poet and novelist Sylvia Plath.

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Several of the songs remind me of a cross between two albums that I have previously reviewed for Fireworks, Brandon Boyd's 'Sons Of The Sea' and 'Voyage' by The Vintage Caravan, though they never quite scale the heights reached by those albums. The comparison is not surprising as Sharling's voice is a cross between Boyd and Óskar Logi Ágústsson.

The hard, Blues Rock of 'Silence The Killer', 'Undecider' and 'PRBN (It's Only Love – Give It Away)' are in the vein of the aforementioned TVC whilst the sixty-two second 'Shake It' would sit nicely on a Ramones album.

There are a half a dozen ballads on the album, most of which are very enjoyable; the guitar-orientated 'Pieces Missing', 'A Wrong Decision (Dizzy Miss Thin Lizzy)', 'Jenny' and the Bluesy 'Lone Bird On A Long Wire', being the pick of them. I found 'Remember' to be a little drab and the album finishes on a bit of a downer with the title track; a slow ballad, that is a little melancholy and is only followed by thirty-three seconds of morse-code titled 'Jesse Owens And The Secret Message'.

Those that like their Rock a little Avant-Garde will find 'A Girl And Her Giraffe' magnifique.

Mark Donnelly

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