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June, 2013

Written by: Electronic Brain
Nothing to dislike, but it’s all down to whether cover versions float your boat.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 02:08:00 +0200
Word count: 548
Written by: Electronic Brain
This is so real we can see the cracks.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:58:00 +0200
Word count: 350
Written by: Electronic Brain
Whilst this album has many fine moments, it won’t appeal to everyone.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:50:00 +0200
Word count: 527
Written by: Electronic Brain
A joy to listen to.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:41:00 +0200
Word count: 352
Written by: Electronic Brain
A most entertaining album.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:32:00 +0200
Word count: 369
Written by: Electronic Brain
New album by the Argentinian melodic power metal band.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:20:00 +0200
Word count: 460
Written by: Electronic Brain
Great White returned to the Key Club on Sunset Strip.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:06:00 +0200
Word count: 486
Written by: Electronic Brain
If this is the Everlasting Dawn then I’ll happily let this sunrise last a very long time.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:43:00 +0200
Word count: 540
Written by: Electronic Brain
One to watch.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:35:00 +0200
Word count: 281
Written by: Electronic Brain
One for the connoisseurs of the eclectic with wide palettes.
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:25:00 +0200
Word count: 540
Written by: Woody
#   One of the UK's top melodic rock bands will release their new album Siren through AOR Heaven on July 19. Since 1998 melodic rock artist Newman have been producing consistently high quality albu...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:57:00 +0200
Word count: 580
Written by: Woody
#   Due for release on July 17 is Farraday - Shade Of Love. Farraday is a new melodic rock project which was born in Athens, Greece in January 2012. The masterminds behind Farraday are Roy Da Vis, ...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:47:53 +0200
Word count: 350
Written by: Woody
# The line up for ROCKAGEDDON is now complete. The show takes place on November 17th at Lucys Hednesford. We are proud to announced the addition of Swedish sensations Bai Bang to complete the days line u...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:12:36 +0200
Word count: 169
Written by: Woody
#  With only a few weeks to go till The Tangent release their much anticipated seventh studio concept album Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work), they are proud to give another taster of what list...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:05:36 +0200
Word count: 592
Written by: Woody
#   The young and hotly-tipped UK-based progressive rockers Maschine have announced the release of their debut album entitled ‘Rubidium’ on the 29th July 2013. After being in the studio for sev...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:25:39 +0200
Word count: 433
Written by: Woody
#   Legion are set to return with their fifth album for Z Records on September 22nd. The all new studio album V has been a year in the making and see’s a bombastic return to form. Pre orders can ...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:20:43 +0200
Word count: 121
Written by: Woody
#   High Rated Yorkshire riff-slingers ‘Toranaga’ are back with their ferocious new full length album ‘Righteous Retribution’ available through all digital outlets on Monday 2nd September. ...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:14:57 +0200
Word count: 535
Written by: Woody
# (Line-up)   2013 is the year that the Cambridge Rock Festival celebrates its 10th birthday. It is a year for festivities a...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:56:51 +0200
Word count: 482
Written by: Woody
#  Coming off two #1 CD's, 7th heaven is on track to hit #1 again with the release of this 12-song Rock/Pop CD.   Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act. 7th heave...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:42:31 +0200
Word count: 399
Written by: Woody
#   For All The Wrong Reasons release their debut record ‘We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning’ on Monday 26th August, through all digital sources.   UK Melodic Punksters ‘For ...
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:24:36 +0200
Word count: 386
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