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Your favourite melodic rock "montage sequence" ?
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TOPIC: Your favourite melodic rock "montage sequence" ?

These go to 11 ...
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Your favourite melodic rock "montage sequence" ? 11 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 20
Hi all,

According to this web site, a montage sequence is ...

"... a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots is edited into a sequence to condense narrative. It is usually used to advance the story as a whole (often to suggest the passage of time), rather than to create symbolic meaning as it does in Soviet montage theory. In many cases, a song plays in the background to enhance the mood or reinforce the message being conveyed."

I hope I'm not the only fan of (wonderfully clichéd) 80s movies on this forum, so what is the 80s melodic rock montage sequence you like best? Here are some of my personal favourites ...

"No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper (Rocky IV)

"Lost In The Shadows" by Lou Gramm (Lost Boys)

"Angel Of The City" again by Robert Tepper (Cobra)

And not to forget (although this is - strictly speaking - not melodic rock), the probably most famous montage sequence ever:

"In The Air Tonight" (by Phil Collins) featured in the pilot episode of Miami Vice (the TV series)
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Re: Your favourite melodic rock "montage sequence" 11 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 2
'No Easy Way Out' is a fantastic example, but there was a show which did it on a weekly basis and introduced me to some great music.

For all the grief people used to give it, Baywatch introduced me to two of my favourite Australian rock acts, Jimmy Barnes, and Noiseworks.

One of the early seasons had a montage of the awesome Hoff on a speedboat to the tune of Noiseworks 'Keep Me Running', which was the first thing I heard about a band I'd been considering trying for some time. I bought their 'Best Of', liked everything on it, and ended up buying all three studio records.

But even more impressive was a surfing and dune buggy montage which had Jimmy Barnes amazing voice singing 'Wheels In Motion' over the top. I remember checking the credits specifically to find out who that awesome singer was, and the next day I visited the used record store down the road and bought two Barnes albums for £6 to see what he was like. With 20 Barnes records in my collection now (including all the Cold Chisel stuff) that one Baywatch montage that started it all would have to be my fave!
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