- delving in to the weird world of contemporary cult TV (by Neil Daniels) 


Stargate Universe
After the conclusion of the magnificent Battlestar Galactica remake, ardent sci-fi fans were concerned that there...Read More >>
Defying Gravity
DEFYING GRAVITY has been called “Grey’s Anatomy in space” by critics in the USA. Though the...Read More >>
FLASHFORWARD is apparently a big hit in the States though it was put on a three...Read More >>

Unlocked Box Issue 1 - DollhouseUnlocked Box Issue 1 - DollhouseBy the time the first half of the second series (these mid-season breaks Americans are fond of are very annoying!) of Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE had finished airing on the Sci-Fi channel in the UK, it...Read More >>

Unlocked Box Issue 1 - CapricaUnlocked Box Issue 1 - CapricaThe pilot episode of the hotly-anticipated CAPRICA – a prequel to Battlestar Galactica– was much better than I expected...and thankfully a lot more sci-fi oriented than I initially anticipated. Th...Read More >>

Unlocked Box Issue 1 - SanctuaryUnlocked Box Issue 1 - SanctuarySANCTUARY is a cheesy sci-fi/fantasy/horror TV show starring the British-born Canadian actress Amanda Tapping as a 157 year-old scientist who protects non-humans (abnormals, basically) from the rest o...Read More >>

Unlocked Box Issue 1 - FringeUnlocked Box Issue 1 - FringeI’m not convinced that J.J. Abrams is the second coming though a lot of movie buffs seem to think he is, but I do agree that he did a pretty damn good job with the new Star Trek movie. Thankfully, t...Read More >>

True Blood
Unlocked Box Issue 1 - True BloodUnlocked Box Issue 1 - True BloodVampires, vampires, vampires, everywhere. Yep, there are just too many bloody – excuse the pun – vampires everywhere these days. What’s all the fuss about with TRUE BLOOD? Based on the novels b...Read More >>

Unlocked Box Issue 1 - MediumUnlocked Box Issue 1 - MediumKeeping with supernatural themes MEDIUM was cancelled by NBC after its fifth season and then bought by CBS for season six onwards. Phew. I really didn’t want to see the end of one of my favourite sh...Read More >>

The Mentalist
Unlocked Box Issue 1 - The MentalistUnlocked Box Issue 1 - The MentalistMoving away from science-fiction, fantasy and horror and into the detective genre, was anybody else frustrated with the climax to first season of THE MENTALIST? We were led to believe that Patrick Jan...Read More >>

The Shield
Unlocked Box Issue 1 - The ShieldUnlocked Box Issue 1 - The ShieldThe final season of THE SHIELD was jaw-droppingly good. There are still threads of the story left for at least another series and hopefully they’ll return to it in a couple of years or maybe film a...Read More >>

Sons of Anarchy
Unlocked Box Issue 1 - Sons of AnarchyUnlocked Box Issue 1 - Sons of AnarchySeason one of SONS OF ANARCHY (which was created by Kurt Sutter, a former writer on The Shield) made tremendous viewing. OK, so the first couple of episodes saw the stories settling in but by the end...Read More >>

Law & Order
Unlocked Box Issue 1 - Law and OrderUnlocked Box Issue 1 - Law and OrderThe fifteenth season of LAW & ORDER stars British actor Linus Roache (son of Bill Roache aka Ken Barlow in Corrie) as the new Assistant DA Michael Cutter. With other new cast changes, including th...Read More >>

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