A Road To Damascus - 'In Retrospect'

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A Road To Damascus - 'In Retrospect'

A genuinely uplifting and catchy album.

Aside from Mike Tramp and Lars Ulrich, I’m not very au fait with Danish Rock music. Oh, I know there’s D.A.D., but I never really got into them so they don’t count. It was therefore with interest that I charged up the iPod for the second album from Danish Poppy Punky people (was that an R.E.M. song?) A Road To Damascus, because I obviously need more Danish Rock in my life, and after a few spins (why do I still say that? Nothing spins anymore!) I’ve decided that you readers do too.

Since their debut, it is clear that the lads have tightened up a bit. Whilst their older stuff is fine and dandy, ‘In Retrospect’ has a brightly polished sparkle to it. There’s elements of bands like Kids In Glass Houses and New Found Glory, tempered with the more thoughtful grandiosity of 30 Seconds To Mars and a pinch of The Goo Goo Dolls. If that’s a recipe, then it’s definitely one for success, as ‘…Retrospect’ is an immediately uplifting, happy album full of Poppy melodies and sweet guitar riffs.

As soon as the pointless twenty-nine second intro finishes (why is it there? Why?), lead single ‘All Said And Done’ shows you what you’re in for with a vibrant splash of melodic Poppy goodness, mixing keyboards and guitars at a fair old pace before slowing down for the bulk of the song. ‘Different Eyes’ shows the 30STM side of the band, with a nice, passionate performance from vocalist Mikkel that’s not a million miles away from Chris Daughtry. Elsewhere, we get ‘In Retrospect’ which is a ludicrously upbeat, catchy song that really, really should be the second single. It’s not an especially long album and this certainly works in its favour, as it whooshes by like a cat with a firework tied to its tail (this is a simile, not a suggestion).

So what we have here is a band that is begging to be discovered by anyone who likes a good bit of Pop Punk that’s less frivolous than the likes of Bowling For Soup or Blink 182. A Road To Damascus have delivered a genuinely uplifting and catchy album that weaves its way through the listener’s subconscious like a weavy thing (yes, I am out of similes) and just begs to be listened to again. The only thing that’s made me happier today than listening to this is the fact I’ve gone through this whole review without mentioning bacon. Oh, bugger…

Alan Holloway

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