Aclla - 'Landscape Revolution'

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Aclla - 'Landscape Revolution'

Enjoyable and well-crafted metal release.

Aclla is a Brazilian band from San Paulo whose infectious brand of metal could certainly put them on the world map. The first thing you notice is the exceptional production work courtesy of Ricardo Nagata; the crunching guitar work and defining vocals of opening number ‘The Totem’ really set the mood of this release. There is plenty to have you knocking the dandruff out your hair but not at the cost of the melody. It’s clear the band have taken influences from Judas Priest and Primal Fear, so this gives you a picture what the band have to offer.

‘Under Twilight Skies’ has enough light and shade in its structure so as not to bludgeon you to death and brings Bonfire to mind. They may not be reinventing the wheel but when it is played this well you cannot help but smile. Far to many bands just regurgitate tired old riffs with little thought to song structure so it’s refreshing to hear the creeping riff of ‘Living For a Dream’ build to a mighty metal climax. The chorus had echoes of Linkin Park but do not let that put you off as it works so well. A nod maybe to Sepultura in the tribal rhythms for the track ‘Jaguar’ and some fine percussion work show a depth to the construction of this song. Then the band throws you a curve ball and launch into a musical passage not to dissimilar to Judas Priest’s ‘Painkiller’!

Special mention should go to Tato De Luca who has a classic metal voice that does not rely on the tired growls and screeches that so many metal singers deliver these days. This is used to fine effect on ‘Landscape Revolution’ and the song is a healthy mixture of modern AC/DC and classic Accept and its clear the band writing is moving into a winning formula . In all an enjoyable and well-crafted metal release that with some good promotion could move the band out of the minor league.

Ray Paul

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