Armonight - 'Tales From The Heart'

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Armonight - 'Tales From The Heart'

A stylish and delightful symphonic rock record.

Armonight is an Italian symphonic/gothic rock band formed in 2007 by guitarist Lara who wanted to find musicians to play her friend Fjord’s compositions. By 2009 half the band was complete and they started recording their debut with session players. ‘Suffering & Passion’ was released the following year. The line up has finally been completed and their second album ‘Tales From The Heart’ is now unveiled.

After a short intro the single ‘With Your Knife’ bounds forth. The clean riff and rich keys makes way for a verse powered by the rhythm section although the second has more guitar. The chorus has a progression of both six stringers in tandem with a little keyboard creating a textured sound. Sy’s vocals start deep and controlled before converting to something more soaring. One of the guitar fuelled tracks ‘Dancing With Ghosts’ sees a solid grinding riff thundering along with pounding bass and drums. Another that fits into this category is ‘Caroline’ where the gothic keyboard creates the atmosphere as the chunky guitar gives a bombastic edge. The chorus is catchy and show some powerful vocals from Sy before a frantic solo. The most atmospheric song is the suitably titled ‘Rainy Days’. The keys feel like rain flooding down as the guitar mimics thunder and wind during this expressive composition. The two guitars dual high and low before a memorable chorus and yet another swirling solo. It’s not all up tempo and Armonight are equally adept at raw emotion. ‘When You See Me Cry’ is the mellowest song with soft echoed guitar sounding almost acoustic allowing Sy’s passionate vocals to be the main focus. The full on electrics arrive for the bridge with a keys melody playing out.

This is a stylish and delightful symphonic rock record. For anyone already familiar with Armonight, this is a fine follow up to their highly enjoyable debut. With the rich keyboards/synth and some sublime guitar work, they have managed to fashion quite a distinctive sound that is tough to compare as is vocalist Sy. She isn’t a soprano like Tarja Turunen or a roaring powerhouse ala Doro but somewhere in between. Irrespective of any classification her vocals are of a high quality and she’s able to sing with potency or subtlety depending on the direction. However the stars are without question the two guitarists Lara and Fjord. The later has created some infectious compositions and both play with precision and passion. Their work is truly a joy to listen to. Another component that stands out is the production values which are pitched perfect sounding as crisp and clean as any record this year. Those already hooked by Armonight should adore this as it picks up where the debut left off.

If you’re into symphonic metal/rock then this band should be on your radar. Readers with a penchant for soprano vocals or seriously heavy guitar may find this too light. This record proves Armonight are a band that has great chance to make a real name for themselves.

Dave Scott

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