Cold Truth - 'Grindstone'

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Cold Truth - 'Grindstone'

Enough to warm the cockles of a true music fan's heart... it doesn't come much better than this.

This is the third album from this four-piece Hard Rock outfit from Nashville, who have had the same line-up since 2000. It's a delightful slice of Southern Rock (a la Lynyrd Skynyrd or Black Stone Cherry) with influences of seventies Hard Rock, such as Free and Bad Company, and its roots, Memphis-style Blues. It's quality musicianship and heartfelt authentic Blues Rock, with many moments of sheer beauty; the vocals and guitar on 'Take Up' and 'Give It Time' being just some of many examples.

Songs like 'Livin' Hard, Livin' Free', 'Where The Music Takes Me', 'Hands On The Wheel', 'New Horizon' and 'The Long White Line' are American road music at its best, and makes you want to strap on a helmet and travel thousands of miles surrounded by beautiful wilderness. It's the sort of music to live a heroic life by... and should be a staple on any Rock band's tour bus; these guys are musician's musicians. 'Leave Your Leather On' is a modern kind of love song; filthy, but in a great way! Probably belonging in a strip club, it's the stuff of dreams (if you know what we mean). 'Free Man' is an anthem for freedom and what America stands for at its best.

Vocalist Thane Shearon has a voice that makes you think grand thoughts of man's struggle against the universe; such is its nobility and character. 'Last Man Alive' suggests this is not exactly unintentional and, as witnessed by title track 'Grindstone', this is workin' man's music. It's rebellious stance and sheer power are the reason many of us, with an individual frame of mind, were drawn to and continue to love Rock and Metal with a deep-lying passion. It's about the gut not the head; "baby if you don't feel it, you can never understand"... democratic and awe inspiring – the stuff of legends.

I love this album, and can happily say that you should do yourself a favour and buy it; you won't regret it. Enough to warm the cockles of a true music fan's heart... it doesn't come much better than this.

Dawn Osborne

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