Corroded - 'Defcon Zero'

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Corroded - 'Defcon Zero'

This album is very well played with all the precision of a phalanx of guards and overall is rather fine and dandy.

So you've been touring all this time then? For the whole five years? That is impressive. It has indeed been that long since Sweden's (yes another Swedish act!) Corroded wrenched open the studio door to follow-up the well thought of 'State Of Disgrace', but here it is, tough but sleek like a Metal missile.

And does the music match up? Mostly, yes. This new album has some elements of Disturbed and plenty of Avenged Sevenfold with ample amounts of chunky guitar work, double kick drumming and the occasional guttural yelp. This is a big and powerful example of... well... power.

However, like any impressive show of power, once you've seen it you wonder if they have anything else? It's all very well pulling the truck but you have to be able to fold the paper too; Corroded can fold that paper.

So there is a pretty unrelenting hammer which dips into Modern and Nu-Metal with a grimy mix supporting it beautifully. Take a listen to the confined barrage of 'Fall Of A Nation' or 'Retract And Disconnect' with its head down, buzzing riff. You may ask is there is more? Indeed, there is with ascending, big league choruses which we might well expect but Corroded seem to have a stack of them.

There is also emotional nakedness in 'A Note To Me' and a bouncing verse allied to an odd Folky feel in 'Burn It To The Ground' which are more challenging but show where Jens Westin and Co can go. The Thin Lizzy twin guitaring in closer 'Rust And Nail' is even more of a lovely addition.

This album is very well played with all the precision of a phalanx of guards and overall is rather fine and dandy. It may sound like some of the stuff that's around at the moment, but it hits almost every one of those moments with precision. If Defcon One is the most severe threat, 'Defcon Zero' must be off the chart. All I can say is prepare for trouble...

Steve Swift

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