Danzig - 'Skeletons'

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Danzig - 'Skeletons'

The long awaited covers album: Danzig fans will appreciate the honesty in his choices.

Horror Punk icon Glenn Danzig has finally released the long awaited covers album that he has been promising. This collection is a bizarre "monster mash" of artists like Aerosmith, Elvis Presley, The Troggs, and even The Everly Brothers. The result is a hit or miss affair, the sparse production values (to my ears) give the feel that this was a little rushed which does rob some songs of their impact.

If you're a fan of Danzig's former band The Misfits then the punchy Punk of 'Devils Angels' will certainly hit the mark. However, the monolithic guitar groove on 'Satan' (from Satan's Sadists), in comparison, is a total misfire. The cover of 'Let Yourself Go' by Presley has Danzig really tapping into one of his vocal influences and despite the primitive clutter of the music, it is an impressive cover version.

Black Sabbath's 'N.I.B.' takes on a more sinister Stoner groove, with the lyrics sounding more like a Gothic romance than the original version. The song in general works as it's not dissimilar to Danzig's solo work. Sadly, things seem to fall apart at the seams during ZZ Top's 'Rough Boy' – the original being a polished piece of commercial Blues Rock but here sounding like a record played at the wrong speed accompanied by a drunk pub singer!

The Rascals 'Find Somebody' and 'Action Woman' by The Litter both have dark brooding vocals with the guitar department being insane, fuzzy and furry. The take on The Everly's 'Crying In The Rain' is emotional yet sinister, accompanied only by piano and percussion and is, by far, the best song on offer.

Danzig fans will appreciate the honesty in his choices, though more choices from Presley and The Doors may have benefited this release I feel.

Ray Paul

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