Deed In Karma - 'Good Dog'

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Deed In Karma - 'Good Dog'

I really should hate this album, but I don't ... yet I don't exactly love it either.

I've never been one to disguise my hatred of Grunge and how it forced my beloved Melodic Rock music into hibernation. As my friend Danny Vaughn rightly states (as one of the victims of the Grunge tidal wave), it wasn't the bands who were to blame, they just came in and did what they did, it was the audience who decided this is what they wanted to listen to, which led to the major record labels dropping all the bands on their roster in favour of anything that featured checked shirts and fuzzy guitars. That said, I just couldn't understand the attraction in the music itself, it was simply too tuneless and depressing for my tastes. However, I think some great bands emerged from the post-Grunge era, many of which I still listen to now; Denmark's Deed In Karma sit somewhere between the two.

DIK (exsqueeze me?) were formed by vocalist and guitarist Jonas Kasper Holmberg after being sponsored by an old friend, ex-footballer Thomas Gravesen (who Everton fans will remember) and 'Good Dog' is the quartet's debut release.

The likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains are instantly recognizable in DIK's sound (helped somewhat by Holmberg's voice at times bearing a slight resemblance to Chris Cornell) which didn't exactly appeal to me initially. Yet upon repeated listens elements of Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, early Matchbox Twenty and early Shinedown reveal themselves, which makes it much more palatable – that and some Led Zeppelin-style Classic Rock influences. The fact that there are melodies to be discovered amongst the melodrama certainly helps things too.

The particularly Grungy 'War And I', 'Anamnesis (Hills Of Shit)', the yawn-inducing 'Waiting For The Sun' and 'Release' are the type of songs that have you reaching for the "skip" button, but there's plenty of appeal in the riff-Rock of 'I Ain't Crawling', 'Stray Dog', 'Taste Of Regret' and the more commercial sounding 'Communication', while the contemporary ballad 'No Answer' is a grower.

I really should hate this album, but I don't...yet I don't exactly love it either...

Ant Heeks

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