Denners Trickbag - 'Denners Trickbag'

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Denners Trickbag - 'Denners Trickbag'

A definite recommendation.

Here's a little oddity that may pass many of you by. Ex Mercyful Fate man Michael Denner has put together a band 'in the style of all the obscure heavy rock records in my collection'. Basically, he is looking to take listeners on a trip (literally, man) back to the 70s, as he and his band play some rather obscure (and rather good) tracks that many of his existing fans will be totally unaware of. Good plan...

Part of the fun of having a computer in every house these days is that it's incredibly easy to track down the original versions of the tracks included here, except the sole original composition that is 'Wasteland'. In a way it's a shame that Denner didn't include a few more originals, as this one sits very nicely amongst his old favourites. It's also a shame that the original artists aren't given any kind of plug in the promotional material or CD booklet. You'd think that Denner would want to encourage fans to check out his old school heroes, but only the song-writing credits give the game away.

So we come to the songs, and I must say there's some real beauties here. Israeli band Jericho get a couple of tunes, opener 'Ethiopia' and also 'Don't You let Me Down', while there's great versions of Montrose's 'I Got The Fire' (an old Iron Maiden b-side) and 'Armageddon' from Vinny Appice's old band Axis. Elsewhere we get stuff from Captain Beyond, Tempest (the Hendrix-y 'Foyers Of Fun'), Mountain, Baker Gurvitz Army (terrible name, great track) and Three Man Army. A veritable smorgasbord of 70s rock, the choices Denner has made work beautifully. His band don't drop a beat, with vocalist Lars Berthelsen doing a sterling job, surrounded by deep bass rhythms and some classy guitar.

'Denners Trickbag' may be a covers album, but it's a must for lovers of 70s rock, and by that I mean the interesting stuff that true aficionados bang on about. Put it this way – I had only heard a single song from this album before doing this review, and now I find myself digging through YouTube to learn more about the bands covered.

A definite recommendation.

Alan Holloway

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