Electric Guitars - 'String Fever'

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Electric Guitars - 'String Fever'

If you don't have a set taste in Rock music that never wavers then there will be a lot to enjoy here.

Soren Anderson and Mika Vandborg made the news in 2013 when they released a ten minute instrumental track laden with contributions from ten of Denmark's best guitarists ('Hero Of Mine' – check it out on YouTube). Prior to and since then, they are the masterminds behind Electric Guitars, and yes, it has been mentioned elsewhere that it's not the best name they could have come up with. That was a track from their first album, and after much praise for that, they've come back with the follow-up, hoping to infect the rest of the world with their 'String Fever'.

As an album, '...Fever' takes several different paths to reach its Rocking destination. A mixture of Blues, Hard Rock, Psychedelic and basic Pop Rock tunes, it's never less than entertaining, although 'The Thinner The Eyebrows, The Crazier The Woman' stands out as a track that doesn't quite work, thanks in part to the lengthy title that has to be squeezed in. Elsewhere the tongue-in-cheek 'She Wants My Guitar' has a very Thunder-y vibe, while the big riff-heavy 'White Flag' is a bombastic track that Led Zeppelin would have been happy with.

Anderson contributes vocals as well as guitars and does a bang-up job with a solid Rock vocal that is allowed to soar a little in the aforementioned '...Flag'. They get a little fluffy with the light and Poppy 'Girlfriend', then throw in some AC/DC riffage on the foot to the floor 'Let It Rock'. There's something satisfyingly cheesy about a band called Electric Guitars doing a song called '...Rock', and thankfully it's a decent track. Follow that with the low slung Blues of 'Day Off' and the Jimi Hendrix-lite title track and you've got an album that covers many bases.

Whilst this isn't a work that has an identity to tie the band responsible down to, 'String Fever' works incredibly well as a sum of its parts. If you don't have a set taste in Rock music that never wavers then there will be a lot to enjoy here, as if you borrow enough stuff from here and there you can eventually build your own house.

Alan Holloway

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