Forgotten Suns - 'Revelations'

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Forgotten Suns - 'Revelations'

EP from the Portuguese band.

Forgotten Suns hail from Lisbon in Portugal and consist of founding members Ricardo Falcao (guitar), Miguel Valadares (keyboards) together with Nio Nunes (vocals), JC Samora (drums) and Nuno Correia (bass), and play progressive metal in the vein of early Dream Theater. Revelations is an EP that has turned out to become the home for some lighter tracks taken from the 'Innergy' writing sessions back in the period between late 2006 and early 2007. 

This record is a collection of songs that were included in the band's live sets but never made their way towards a mixing desk for an official release, with two exceptions, the in your face single 'Doppelganger' released with 'Innergy' in 2009, now with a brand new mix, and the excellent neo-prog of 'Betrayed', which was an extra track from the bands debut 'Fiction Edge' from 2000, now with part 1 and part 2 put together after so many years. For me 'Betrayed' is a real Forgotten Suns highlight being intriguing and very well-arranged European progressive metal, but the real gems here are the songs from the 'Innergy' recording sessions that were, sometimes performed live, yet never saw the light of day on album, until now. These are 'Phenotype', 'Pinpoints', and 'The Hill'. Passing over the average, mildly satisfying 'Phenotype', 'Pinpoints' and 'The Hill' are passages of entertaining genius from these Portuguese craftsman, dynamic and expressive, these songs make the whole EP very appealing. This is a fine example of Forgotten Suns' immense musical skill and creativity and a fine introduction to their progressive music. The band is preparing a new full length album to be released later this year, but in the meantime check out their 'Revelations' EP as you will not be disappointed.

Mark Warburton

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