Gov't Mule - 'Bring On The Music - Live At The Capitol Theatre'

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Gov't Mule - 'Bring On The Music - Live At The Capitol Theatre'

These live performances cement the fact that these guys have lived, breathed and loved the music that they have created and performed.

Celebrating twenty-five years and creating a deep well of music are none other than Gov't Mule. How do Warren Haynes and his mates commemorate such a milestone? They do so by releasing to those most important – their fans – a massive vista of sound and vision.

Mark June 2019 in your diary because that is when this latest album of Gov't Mule material is scheduled for release; it comes in multiple formats that include a 2CD/2DVD deluxe package. With live performances and two different set-lists, this live record has over two hours of music and visual delights. It is all compiled from the group's performances of a year ago at the famed Capitol Theatre in New York State. It doesn't just end there either; 'Bring On The Music – Live At The Capitol Theatre' will also be released in a double CD package as well as limited edition vinyl.

This album is a living document of a twenty-five-year musical and life journey for Haynes and his bandmates – Matt Abts, Danny Louis and Jorgen Carlsson – along with some very impressive musical friends. This release is huge, just like the musical catalogue of the group. I will set out within this review exactly how monumentally moving this live document that sits before me is; by doing so, I hope it will soon sit before you to also enjoy and relish as much as I am doing.

For those unaware, Gov't Mule started out as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band back in 1994 when guitarist Haynes and bassist Allen Woody took to exploring their Southern Rock roots – adding some very heavy Rock and Funk elements along the way – and not long after, they rose to distinction with their solid musical journeys. We now have the ultimate record of this well-known, twenty-five years strong group.

This is unquestionably a stunning release. With just one spin – or just one viewing of the DVD – these live performances cement the fact that these guys have lived, breathed and loved the music that they have created and performed! When one listens to how Haynes talks about his journey, he does so by illustrating a circle – a circle of life and music, of relationships and how all of them have influenced the others which in turn has helped to keep the music going and developing. We can hear those sentiments in each performance, whether they are original compositions from the band or their respectful renditions of other talented artists. Haynes' circle is one that is ever expanding and embracing the power of music, and he then gives this gift to thousands of people.

Gov't Mule are a group that defy categorisation; they have strong Southern Rock roots, but they also expand and embrace into Soul, Funk and some straight-up Blues Rock. Musical soul prevails in this live document because each piece is performed flawlessly with emotion and unbelievable skill. Each member and guest of Gov't Mule indulge in stellar performances and gifted song-writing, and they all display a flair for unique interpretations of expressions from other artists.

As the assembled musicians play out those notes high on the stage, we feel wave after wave of brilliance as each member performs like there will be no tomorrow. You will experience music that is performed for life itself! Yes, that is right; Gov't Mule are every bit that good! With that in mind, just watch the DVDs to see the humility from each of these rare and exceptional talents. They bare their emotions, they appreciate their audiences and they are truly humbled by the whole experience that they've created. As you journey through this epic work, you will experience all of the above and then some – Gov't Mule certainly bring on the music.

Thanks to them, we can now relive the concert performance of a lifetime.

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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