Hangar - 'The Best Of 15 Years, Based On A True Story...'

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Hangar - 'The Best Of 15 Years, Based On A True Story...'

Both parts of this offering are great.

Don't beat yourself up about this. Yes, it's been fifteen years, but it didn't half fly under the radar. Hangar, formed by Angra drummer Aquiles Priester in 1997, only released sporadically and had constant line-up changes, yet, as this 2CD anthology shows, they had something.

Of course, you will get the standard Power Metal tropes, real attack with double kicks ('Hastiness'), snaking synths (The Reason Of Your Conviction') and stentorian vocals ('A Miracle In My Life'), but that's not to deride the fine sounds here, very well done and really stirring with a little side order of groove ('The Infallible Emperor 1956') and catchiness ('Captivity (A House With A Thousand Rooms)' – unsurprisingly) which really pleases.

However, what often delights is the second disc. This is a collection of live and acoustic tracks with some real surprises. 'Based On A True Story' and 'Solitary Mind' are unplugged rather than acoustic, lovely organic and often piano-driven vibes showing just how strong the songs are; 'One More Chance' takes this idea by the scruff and simply barrels along. 'Time To Forget', from 2009's 'Infallible', is even soaring Melodic Rock. The live tracks show how much energy the crowd lapped up, and the acoustic 'Angel Of The Stereo', followed immediately by the rushing double kicked full version, is great on its own, even without segueing into their great, faithful cover of Journey's 'Ask The Lonely', Steve Perry homage and all; a real testament to what they could do.

Twenty-nine tracks here, taken together that could cause Metal fatigue, but actually both discs make a nice difference; more of the Power stuff on the first, more of a leftfield turn on the second. Both parts of this offering are great, just don't Hangaround for fifteen years to enjoy it.

Steve Swift

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