Hardline - 'Life'

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Hardline - 'Life'

A great Hard Rock album with a wider interpretation of what the music really means to these musicians.

Hardline are back with a new line-up and a new studio record which follows on from their successful 'Human Nature' opus and a monumental tour during which the band performed an impressive number of shows all across Europe. This bag of emotion forms the core of their new album 'Life' where the group explore their career from 'Double Eclipse' to the present day.

They manage to perfectly balance the lighter, catchy side from their eighties period with the solid approach of today. Probably the arrival of Marco Di Salvia on drums and Mario Percudani on guitar is a breath of fresh air, principally in the song-writing department, which was formerly the domain of Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboard/production). With this latest release the group are setting up a new framework that has a strong backbone which starts with original member Johnny Gioeli.

His voice is the centrepiece of the album and he's a singer who knows how to make it all work. Gioeli's performance is always crystal clear and impressive in tracks like 'Take A Chance' and 'Handful Of Sand', and these two offerings are the best points of connection between 'Human Nature' and 'Life'. This release appears more carefree and less heavy than its predecessor, although maybe it's also less solid, but old fans of the band will love the attitude. On this record you'll also find an amazing groove in songs like 'Story Of My Life'; this is going to be a future classic for the outfit with its big energy and stunning vocals.

It's curious to see a cover of an overused track like Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever' fully integrated into the track-list; Gioeli performance is magical, but it adds nothing of note to the story of the band's history like the rest of the record.

All in all, 'Life' is a great Hard Rock album with a wider interpretation of what the music really means to these musicians. They've had a significant line-up change and we can see the will to express their renovated desire to get back in the game at their very best – that aim is achieved!

Fabiana Spinelli

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