Houston! - 'Mechanical Sunshine'

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Houston! - 'Mechanical Sunshine'

This will appeal to all the Nu/Alternative Metal fans.

Houston! (with the exclamation mark) is an electro/alternative hard rock band, (bordering on metal), that originates from Piacenza in Italy.The band was formed in 2006 and in the first year they recorded their demo ‘Never Alcoholized’.In Feb 2008, the band released their debut album ‘Fast In Elegance’.They toured all over Europe after this effort and continued to gain a dedicated following.Most of the gigs sold out which lead to them signing a new record deal with Tanzan Music.Whilst working on their follow up record, their original drummer left the group and was replaced.The band currently consists of Niccolo Savinelli (vocals), Phil (guitar), Gaby Facchini (bass) and Giovanni Savinelli (drums).

Houston! kick off this release with a short intro before blasting into one of the catchiest tracks on the album.‘Planet Terror’ is a bombastic riff-driven rocker with an immensely infectious chorus.This song is a real attention grabber and certainly the highlight track.Other songs such as ‘Let Me Shout’ and ‘Velvet Pressure’ offer a similar guitar driven hard rock sound.But Houston! also has other strings to its bow.The likes of ‘Anghell Klown’ and ‘Black Rose’ are much heavier in the guitar department and have a very alternative metal feel to them.The music is much more aggressive and laced with techno twists and effects.There is also variety in the vocal delivery from spoken to screeched.‘Generation 09’ has a very anthem like feel to its lyrics and could become a fan favourite.As well as all this energy, Houston! offers three ballads, the best of which being ‘One Day’.This very much a melodic power balled with a very harmonic chorus.

This album is definitely a raucous affair brimming with attitude and modern styling.This will appeal to all the Nu/Alternative Metal fans.Listeners to the likes of System Of A Down, Linkin Park and Papa Roach should find plenty of interest here.Those that enjoy metal with a bit of a techno twist such as Rammstein may also want to take a listen to this band.The album may not be an instant hit with fans but it does grow on you.The music is well played and has plenty of variety throughout the album.The riffs and progressions make for a blistering sound and the vocals are delivered with plenty of power.Given the multitude of effects etc added throughout the tracks, the mixing has also been handled well by the production team.Everything is crisp and it has that very modern polished feel to it.

This is a solid follow up album with plenty of modern appeal for fans of that type of genre although it may be a touch too techno filled for more traditional listeners, so go and sample the tracks at http://www.tanzanmusic.com/catalogue/houston/mechanical-sunshine/ and see what you think

Dave Scott

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