Hungryheart - 'Dirty Italian Job'

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Hungryheart - 'Dirty Italian Job'

'Dirty Italian Job' needs to be heard - go on - treat yourself, you know it makes sense.

Hungryheart is the brain child of guitarist Mario Percudani (Lionville/Mitch Malloy) drummer Paulo Botteschi, singer Josh Zighetti and bassist Stefano Scola. 'Dirty Italian Job' is the third effort from the band after a gap of five years with their previous two albums being a self-titled debut from 2008 and 'One Ticket To Paradise' from 2010. So what effect have the past five years had on the terms of growth, musicianship and song-writing... massive? '...Job' is a huge step up in class and one big enough to mix it with the big boys.

Kicking off with the superb 'There's A Reason For Everything' kind of sets out the stall for what's in store – powerful and soulful Melodic Hard Rock with just a hint of attitude. Zighetti is one of the few foreign singers not to sing in heavily accented English, in fact whilst he is not perfect, it's about as good as it gets. 'Shoreline' is yet another rather excellent Melodic Rock ditty with a pro shot video if you feel like searching online. The Funky 'Devil's Got My Number', think Guardian circa 'Miracle Mile' with a definite nod towards 'Shoeshine Johnny', is rather splendid. The cover of Eric Clapton's 'Bad Love' is unexpected, however I have to admit the guys have done a superb job at carrying off one of his more instant tracks – I hit the repeat button on this a few times.

Staying with the love theme 'Second Hand Love' has a bit of 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' Bon Jovi about it, that acoustic intro and, of course, if anyone ever mentions "a six string on my back" I guess you are asking for that comparison. 'You Can Run' also deserves a mention as does the hard hitting 'Rock Steady'. Album closer 'All Over Again' has a little Danger Danger about it, that mid-paced swagger associated with tracks such as 'Don't Walk Away'. All in all, despite name-checking a few more established bands, this is very much a Hungryheart album, one drafted old-school in the studio with heart and soul.

Hungryheart have delivered an excellent album, chock full of melody and, above all, they display some wonderful song-writing and musicianship. Please go out of your way to get a copy of this, it deserves to be heard. In a world where the big boys dominate the airwaves, it's nice to see a relatively unknown act stick their collective heads above the parapet.

Not the finished article, but the growth from 2008 to 2015 is self-evident and the next one could just be "THE" one! In the meantime 'Dirty Italian Job' needs to be heard – go on – treat yourself, you know it makes sense.

Kieran Dargan

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