Into Century - 'Nobody's Slave'

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Into Century - 'Nobody's Slave'

Gives a feeling of having heard it all before.

Into Century is a Danish band that has been gigging extensively in Copenhagen and Los Angeles with two music videos gaining rotation on web-based worldwide channels. 'Nobody's Slave' is their second release, and deals lyrically with the subject of human trafficking. With such a hard-hitting subject, it is no surprise that the music reflects this in the delivery.

The title track is a moody slab of hard rock that has a point to prove, though without any lyrics supplied it's little more than an angst ridden song that singer Jon Century screeches out. 'Junkie' follows a similar pattern of hard driving riffs, and it's only the subtle keys that lighten the mood; I found the song quite difficult to absorb. The softer vocal approach of 'Open Up Your Gates' fits snugly with guitarist Christian Warburg's dirty guitar work, whilst 'Sweet Surrender' provides a dense and grubby blues sound.

There are few surprises contained in the whimsical delivery of 'Dare', with a similarity to Linkin Park. 'Time To Shine' had me checking I had not skipped back a song, sounding very similar to previous efforts. That said, 'Man of God' has plenty of substance, complete with stabbing guitar riffs and whiskey soaked vocals.

Most of the songs on offer here have a hard-edged rebellious nature. Unfortunately 'Nobody's Slave' gives a feeling of having heard it all before – and consequently suffers, I feel, from insufficient new territory being explored.

Ray Paul

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