JD Miller - 'World War X'

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JD Miller - 'World War X'

A perfectly enjoyable album and any fan of the Hard Rock/Melodic Metal scene will undoubtedly find plenty to get excited about.

According to the band's website, this album sounds like the musical child bred by Evergrey and Eclipse with the band being the thing if you like melodic, guitar-driven Rock fronted by edgy vocals and soaring harmonies that's all wrapped up in a modern production. Lofty claims indeed and, to a degree, I can see where they are coming from, even if they don't quite pull it off, not least because it's all been done before... many times. That's fine and dandy if your taste is for this style of music, however, for me JD Miller lack that certain something to differentiate them from the well populated pack.

The band consists of Peter Halldén (vocals), Emil Eriksson (drums), Alex Oriz (guitars), Eli Froejd (guitars) and Chris David (bass) with this being their second album after 2014's 'Grand Intentions'.

They have the knack of creating some fine hooks, strong choruses and the guitar solos are generally well constructed. 'Journey Through The Past' is a good start and should bode well for what is to come, but the following 'Against The Wind' doesn't quite gel in the consciousness. 'My Open Arms' puts me in mind of Jeff Scott Soto, although it's a tad repetitive, something that is prevalent across most of the tracks on the album.

With the title of 'Evergrey' one might expect a track not unlike that of the band of the same name, but this one is a piano-driven power ballad and is my album highlight due to the sparser sound. 'Power' is a good, heavy melodic number, although the mid-song break and guitar solo don't quite work, they feel bolted on.

'Clouded Minds' lulls you in with a gentle opening before a deathly heavy riff arrives, just when you think this is the route the song will take, they rein it in on the verses and choruses. 'Forgotten' has a nice riff and a swagger to the verses that nod in the direction of Nickelback, while 'Isolation' steps into Euro Metal territory with some rapid drumming. 'Wanderer Of Light And Sorrow' is a more restrained affair with which to close the album and is all the better for it.

This is a perfectly enjoyable album and any fan of the Hard Rock/Melodic Metal scene will undoubtedly find plenty to get excited about, but I suspect the casual listener will find it somewhat generic.

Gary Marshall

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