Kee Of Hearts - 'Kee Of Hearts'

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Kee Of Hearts - 'Kee Of Hearts'

This is definitely recommended to anyone who likes traditional Melodic Rock music.

Before we start, let's lay off the name, okay? There's been condemnation over the melding of monikers from Kee Marcello and Tommy Heart, and yes... it's a bit shite, but it's the music that counts and when you have two highly talented guys you tend to get a good album. That's the mini rant over, and I wouldn't have bothered if it was a crap album, so if the prospect of these two working together made you go "ooh" then you might be in for a treat.

As this is a Frontiers collaboration, it's no surprise that Alessandro Del Vecchio comes attached, and whilst he gets plenty of stick for some reason, I always feel confident when I see his name on the list as he tends to produce quality stuff regardless of who else is involved. What you get with Kee Of Hearts is a pretty safe album of AOR that's neither outstanding nor below par, hovering comfortably in the middle whilst still providing plenty of entertaining songs.

I've always liked Heart's vocals and he doesn't disappoint here, bringing a nice quality to each song. Marcello doesn't get to do a lot of showing off because the tracks are mostly nicely paced melodic standards with a reserved solo spot exactly where you'd expect it to be. That's not to bring the guy down though because he genuinely fills those spots with some sweet, sweet moves. The songs have been well crafted with some nice, catchy choruses and Del Vecchio's production allows all the instruments to shine without overshadowing the vocals.

There has been some criticism for the cheesiness of the songs on offer here but that sort of thing has never bothered me. What we have is an AOR standard release that is aimed squarely at the kind of people who just like Melodic Rock and don't necessarily want to think about it – they just enjoy the tunes. Kee Of Hearts is unlikely to feature in any list of classics, but dammit if it's not one of those albums you can put on any point and be guaranteed a good time. This is definitely recommended to anyone who likes traditional Melodic Rock music.

Alan Holloway

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