Killer Bee - 'Evolutionary Children'

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Killer Bee - 'Evolutionary Children'

An enjoyable blast of sleazy rock.

After a fifteen year break Killer Bee returned in 2012 with their comeback album 'From Hell and Back'. Only a year later we've now got 'Evolutionary Children' in quick response to the critical and fans acclaim. If you like some straight forward classic rock, with a dose of sleaze thrown in, you'll enjoy Killer Bee. Opening track 'Children of The Evolution' is a slow stomping riff that pretty much encompasses all that you can expect from Killer Bee. Big chorus, powerful, if somewhat raw vocals, some killer guitar work and plenty of old school Hammond organ to give a nod back to the 70s glam as well as 80s sleaze eras.

The songs are varied, 'Ride On' is a full throttle, metal blast, while 'All The Things You Say' is the ballad with singalong chorus with the likes of Aerosmith's 'Crazy' coming to mind. Main man Brian 'Bee' Frank's vocals are a bit of an acquired taste, gritty and raw, I'm not convinced entirely in tune throughout. The album certainly works best when the band are in full flow, Rock 'n' Roll party style. It's easy to enjoy this album, there is certainly nothing much to dislike about it, but it is also pretty easy to forget. There's nothing here to make them really stand out against the opposition. They may have suffered management disputes and been ripped off back in the 90s leading to their hiatus, but so did many bands.

So, 'Evolutionary Children' is an enjoyable blast of sleazy rock, but Killer Bee are a decent band who didn't make any great waves first time round, and there's nothing here to make me think it will be any different this time.

Ian Parry

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