Killer Bee - 'From Hell And Back'

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Killer Bee - 'From Hell And Back'

It’s clear why it received such plaudits on its original release.

What’s this then... a re-release? Indeed it is, because this album originally came out in 2012 (originally on Z-Records I believe) after four other previous releases and there’s actually even been another album since this (‘Children Of The Revolution’ in 2013). Regardless, it’s great to see it.

This Swedish/Canadian construct were formed in 1990, gathered plaudits over the aforementioned four releases but never made it, you know the drill, broke up, returned with this album etc etc.

There are some lovely moments here; witness the wonder of ‘Rock Another Day’ (hmmm...) which has a tight Deep Purple patch, making a deal to hand everything over to Hammond is the right one, the Mott The Hoople magic of ‘Footprints In The Sand’ which waves a scarf and talks to The Quireboys about how good Ian Hunter is, a dirty narrative snuffling up the streets and spitting out loathing all over the solo.

These, allied to the almost Hair Metal feel of ‘Drive Me Crazy’, with screaming Brian Frank vocals and a dueling guitar and organ solo (Jimmy Delisi and Denny DeMarchi ending up honours even) make this worth checking out again.

I’m not entirely sure why this is here now, but it’s clear why it received such plaudits on its original release. The bees are dying and we should worry, this gives us one which has a preservation order, just don’t suck out this poison...

Steve Swift

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