Mammoth Mammoth - 'Mount The Mountain'

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Mammoth Mammoth - 'Mount The Mountain'

If you like it uncompromising, hard and heavy, Mammoth Mammoth deliver in spades.

Formed in 2007, Mammoth Mammoth hail from Australia and describe themselves as a Hard Stoner Rock group. They are also a band that don't really require a PR guru to write press releases for them, when they offer colourful phrases such as likening their sound to "patented, good-time murder-fuzz" which is "more awesome than God's tits". They add that hearing their music is "capable of sometimes killing unicorns" due to their song-writing style being like "four guys in a boxing ring with no referee".

With two EP's and three full albums under their belt, all of which had completely passed me by, reading these comments had me braced for the worst. However, whilst the opening title track 'Mount The Mountain' does indeed have some chaos going on, there's also a real channelled sonic aggressiveness which I quite liked. 'Spellbound' is a noisy affair with Mikey Tucker shouting to be heard among the booming drums, bass and overdriven guitars, but it works. 'Hole In My Head' keeps the pace frantic and it will be no surprise to anyone that the tenderly titled 'Kickin' My Dog' is not a love song, sounding more like vintage AC/DC after they'd had several cups of coffee.

In actual fact, as 'Procrastination', 'Sleepwalker', 'Epitome' and 'Hard Way Down' all come and go in three minute blurs of brash noise, you know the album is not going to offer much in the way of light and shade, but will provide a breathless attack of Hard Rock. While it's true each song basically follows the same template of overdriven riff, loud rhythm section and harsh vocals, the fact is the riffs are good, the rhythms are infectious and the vocals are suited to the style.

As a bit of a curve ball, the band include a crazed Hard Rock take on Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' as a bonus track which, frankly, I wouldn't have recognized had the press release not told me that's what it was. It's a bit of fun though and shouldn't be taken seriously... I hope.

Much more entertaining than I expected from the initial description, I'd say this isn't for those who enjoy the more lightweight side of Rock, but if you like it uncompromising, hard and heavy, Mammoth Mammoth deliver in spades.

James Gaden

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