Molly Hatchet - 'Greatest Hits 2'

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Molly Hatchet - 'Greatest Hits 2'

Good value for money.

As is often the case with sequels to greatest hits collections, Molly Hatchet’s ‘Greatest Hits 2’ picks up where its predecessor left off. More specifically, ‘Greatest Hits 2’ begins in 1996 when the band signed to the German label SPV whereas the first collection was actually released way back in 1985 around the time ‘Double Trouble Live’ came out; although the only album the band released during those 11 years was 1989’s ‘Lightning Strikes Twice.’

Their latest album, 2010’s ‘Justice’, won rave reviews from rock critics so it’s a good time to get reacquainted with some of their other more recent stuff which may have gone unnoticed. They’re not the most well-known of deep south American rock bands but they’ve got a cult fanbase that has kept their career on fairly steady tracks over the years.

Down to business then: the first CD offers a healthy 14 tracks ranging from the groovy opener ‘Son Of The South’ to the catchy ‘Down From The Mountain’ to the final track ‘The Journey.’ It’s all very American and very southern American with titles like ‘American Pride’ and ‘Heart Of The U.S.A’ but that’s what this band are all about. There’s some really good stuff on here which proves that the latter half of their career was certainly filled with a lot of creativity and they’re far from being has-beens. The second disc is a collection of live tracks which shows just how much fun this band is on stage. Sure, singer Phil McCormack doesn’t have the best vocals but he’s got charisma and charm which comes across really well.

With handpicked tracks and sleeve notes by long-time guitarist Bobby Ingram, this collection is a nifty way to celebrate the band’s more recent work. Also, for the price of a single CD it’s more than affordable and good value for money.

Neil Daniels

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