Motörhead - 'Aftershock (Tour Edition)'

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Motörhead - 'Aftershock (Tour Edition)'

Motörhead are one of the few Rock bands who could release something every year.

There's no two ways about it; Motörhead's 21st album 'Aftershock' was one of the best Rock albums of 2013. It's thrilling mixture of guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee's balls-to-the-wall Rocking out and Old Father Bastard himself, Lemmy Kilmister's grizzled, tired, Bluesy vocals proved that Motörhead are still much more than a nostalgia act.

The opening gut punch of 'Heartbreaker' sets the tone for a powerful Rock album that leaves even its impressive predecessor 'The Wörld Is Yours' reeling. Further face-melting Rock is fired from 'End Of Time' while even the slower tracks – notably 'Lost Woman Blues' and 'Dust And Glass' – prove that Kilmister can write a beautifully smoky Blues tune or two.

Motörhead have a handful of U.K. live dates scheduled for later in the year*. Following Kilmister's well-publicised health issues over the last year or so, the "tour edition" second disc is a not-so-subtle reminder that, no matter what, he and Motörhead are still a real force and the arena dates should not be missed.

There are times when the wear and tear shows on the 'Best Of The West Coast Tour 2014' live disc; a slower-tempo 'Ace Of Spades' and Kilmister's gurgled vocals sometimes show how difficult blasting out these songs really is now for him. But make no mistake, Dee rips it up on the drums and Campbell plays a scorching guitar.

Opening with 'Damage Case' (from 1979's 'Overkill' album, and ending with that album's title track) this additional disc is a real career-spanning ripper. The thankless task of keeping Motörhead fans happy with so many tracks to choose from is handled pretty well thanks to grizzly versions of 'The Chase Is Better Than The Catch' ('Ace Of Spades'), 'Doctor Rock' ('Orgasmatron') and 'Rock It' ('Another Perfect Day') which round up a solid selection from a vast discography.

Motörhead are one of the few Rock bands who could release something every year and not only would their rabid fans buy it, but it would be worth buying, too.

Dan Bond

*(this review was published in Fireworks Magazine #66 in 2014)

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