Motörhead - 'The World Is Yours'

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Motörhead - 'The World Is Yours'

'The World Is Yours' does exactly what you'd expect.

Governments come and go, mighty empires emerge from parochial backwaters only to crash and burn in the purifying flames of progress, but Motorhead … ahh, Motorhead will endure forever.

Formed in 1975 when Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister was given the boot from space cadets Hawkwind following a much publicized brush with Canadian customs over certain illegal substances, Motorhead grabbed life by the balls and have been squeezing hard ever since. Widely acknowledged as godfathers of the hard rock meets punk movement that eventually morphed into the NWOBHM, their no frills brand of riff driven rock n' roll has been shaking audiences for more than three decades now, and whilst their fifteen minutes of fame in the public eye is well and truly over ('Ace Of Spades' still brings a lump to the ol' throat), they show no signs of stopping any time soon.

Initiating the Motorhead marque with their caustic, self titled debut in 1977 (although technically speaking, 'On Parole' was recorded first), their parameters have changed very little over the years (apart from the odd foible like '1916' that is) … keep it simple, kick 'em hard in the balls, and if they don't like it, fuck em! Quite why this recipe for success has endured for so long I don't know (maybe I should put the same question to AC/DC?), but they made a lasting impression on me when I was a kid, and it seems to have stuck. Lets face it, Motorhead were raising hell when the likes of Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses were still in diapers, and that anti establishment cool has never diminished.

Incredibly, as we shuffle from the bitterly cold wake of 2010 into the economic gloom of 2011, Motorhead are about to unleash their twentieth (yes twentieth!) studio album on the unwashed hordes. Follow up to 2008's abrasive 'Motorizer' set, 'The World Is Yours' is the latest batch of bitches brew to emerge from the Motorhead camp, and with titles such as 'Born To Lose', 'Outlaw' and 'Waiting For The Snake' it should be abundantly clear that advancing years still haven't dulled their attack one iota. Barbed riffs, down and dirty solos and those trademark guttural vocals still characterize an album that's as belligerent as ever … although you have to ask yourselves, would we really want it any other way?

As I said earlier, there's something primal and timeless about that iconic image of Lemmy with his trusty Rickenbacker – let's face it, there aren't many OAP's who could carry off a beer commercial and come out of it with an enhanced 'cool' factor amongst its target demographic, but that's just what Lemmy does and the same applies to 'The World Is Yours' in spades. Will it win them many new fans? … probably not in the grand scheme of things, but in its quest to keep the Motorhead faithful happy, 'The World Is Yours' does exactly what you'd expect.

Raise a glass to the old reprobates because most bands less than half their age would sell their right arm to get as much angst and energy into their next album!

Dave Cockett

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