Oldschool - 'Attraction'

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Oldschool - 'Attraction'

Debut album by the Russian band.

Oldschool (Olds’cool - get it?) are a group of musicians who come from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, where playing a blend of 80’s influenced rock music with a lot of style has got them a lot of attention. The band comprises Sergey Fedotov and Ilya ‘LU’ Smirnoff on guitars, Roman Nevelev on Bass, Andrey Krouglov on drums, Rodion Farafontov on keyboards and Spacey on vocals. The band plays melodic rock with a definite Whitesnake vibe running through the songs (David Coverdale even took the time to congratulate them on Youtube because he liked what they were doing). So with that ringing endorsement and if your into that type of music then ‘Attraction’ might just be another album that you’ll want to add to your ever growing wants lists.

They have been around for a few years now and have earned their hard rock credentials by playing as support to bands such as WASP, Alcatrazz, Doro, Royal Hunt, JLT, Kingdom Come and Grave Digger. All this touring and playing live has made Oldschool a very tight working unit indeed and this translates into the way the songs and music found on this their debut CD is played. The band has a secret weapon in lead vocalist Spacey whose voice is not only reminiscent of Coverdale but this is mixed with tinges of Nightingale/Ayreon man Dan Swano, his deep resonant boom really gives the tracks on ‘Attraction’ a whole different feel from the higher pitched singers usually found in the hard rock genre. Check out opener ‘No More’ for proof of the pudding, where Spacey’s throaty roar forces the track on to its powerful climax. However, Oldschool are not a one trick pony by any means, the strong guitar riffs, bass a keyboards that are found on tracks like ‘Brand New Start’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘One Night’ with its strong hook and ‘Positive Song’ all join together to show a band with an album and an attitude, that should see them having a very bright future in the field of melodic hard rock.

With a brand new album already being recorded, it looks like Oldschool don’t believe in sitting on their laurels, thinking rather that hard work and a can do philosophy will get them where they want to be: something that I feel should be applauded. And if the next CD is only half as good as this one then boy are we in for a treat.

Ian Johnson

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