Pathfinder - 'Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time'

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Pathfinder - 'Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time'

A symphonic metal fan's wet dream.

Usually when a CD comes to me from a Polish rock band I expect it to be full of dark prog metal or rock with a very complex outlook, which takes many plays before it makes an impact on me. When this CD arrived from Pathfinder, with a name like that I was expecting it to conform to my expectations. It didn't. Pathfinder, you see, worship at the alter of early Rhapsody (Of Fire) because this album reminded me all the way through of the first few albums by those Italian metal masters. Is this a bad thing? Well no, I don't think so. Pathfinder obviously love symphonic metal and Rhapsody Of Fire in particular, and their music doesn't copy that band as such, but instead it celebrates the over the top music Rhapsody played on their first few CD's.

'BTS,BTT' is therefore a symphonic metal fan's wet dream, beautifully played and orchestrated, Pathfinder throw everything they can into their musical mix, from classically orchestrated musical passages to superb intricate guitar/keyboard interplay, through over the top vocal moments, from start to finish the band never once let you catch your breath. Don't just take my word for it, check out 'Pathway To The Moon' for confirmation. Everything including the kitchen sink is here, overblown keyboards, violins and fantastic guitars solos a la Dragonforce assault your senses and keep on assaulting your ears as you listen to the song. 'All The Mornings Of The World' follows and has operatic female harmony vocals joining with singer Simon Kostro to great effect, the guitars of Gunsen and Karol Mania are again on all out attack mode, yet even with all this going on, the music of Pathfinder works, and works well. For more proof look no further than the album's title track 'Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time', the ten minutes plus of symphonic metal perfection that is wonderful to behold, because this song has it all, screaming guitars, amazing keyboard wizardry, roaring vocals, massive arrangements and big melodies all working together to make one heck of an amazing song.

So to sum up, even though I have likened Pathfinder to Rhapsody, the band do what they do so well that their own personalities shine throughout this album, and 'BTS,BTT' is such a well put together release that Pathfinder have made an album that any symphonic metal fan will get a big kick out of. Everything on this CD has been recorded to nth degree, so well in fact that I'm sure in years to come the name of Pathfinder will be a force to be reckoned with.

Ian Johnson

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