Powerplay - 'All Those Years'

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Powerplay - 'All Those Years'

Absolute sonic ear candy.

Now, if you are into finely matured AOR and Melodic Rock – the type that, as it ages, reveals fully defined textures and wide bouquets that are more robust with an acute potency – then PowerPlay is all you really need! 'All Those Years' is the group's much anticipated and, for some, long awaited debut album! An album that we could rightly and honestly say has taken twenty years to make.

Hailing from Copenhagen, and formed in 1987, PowerPlay are five veteran musicians that write and play with passion. Still in its original form, PowerPlay in 2015 is also still as potent – and just possibly even more so – as they were in the late eighties and early nineties. The group were just starting to make an impact on the European Rock scene back then and are set to do so again now! They would perform whenever and wherever possible and grew a reputation for stellar performances and top-drawer musicianship – forging a unique sound in the true West Coast style of music. Although many years have since come and gone, this freshness, passion and excellent musicianship is still very much evident!

Now, once again, the group are ready to share and deliver all of the above to the rest of the world with (and indeed after) '...Years'. When listening, one will hear a freshness and quick tempos that actually belie the age of PowerPlay! These five create flowing salutations of life, love and redemption set to finely textured, musical undercurrents. Undercurrents that contain Progressive leanings, some Jazz and razor sharp movements all enveloped in sweet melodies; 'Cry Freedom' displays a little of their edginess while 'Bad Bone' shows their expertise in the power ballad. A multi-talented band with many sides to their musical identity, PowerPlay consistently display a keen sense of melodic pureness. Big on melody and harmonies, the soundscapes on '...Years' are moody, melodic, smoky and above all; it is absolute sonic ear candy!

Is that West Coast style of music still alive? It certainly is, aided by the sheer calibre of these five musicians. Although it may have taken them twenty years or more to let us in on their musical secret, they will hopefully be delighting us well into the future!

PowerPlay and 'All Those Years' is a debut with enough depth to give us thrills for many more years to come!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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