Pretty Boy Floyd - 'Kiss Of Death: A Tribute To Kiss'

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Pretty Boy Floyd - 'Kiss Of Death: A Tribute To Kiss'

This is non-essential stuff even for a Kissaholic like myself.

When is Pretty Boy Floyd not Pretty Boy Floyd? When there's only two guys left in the band and the pair of Steve "Sex" Summers (vocals) and Kristy "Kash" Majors (well, everything else) decide to record fifteen Kiss covers.

"Where's the point in that then?" you may rightly ask and when you factor in that 'Kiss Of Death' has been available on the PBF website since 2010, who am I to argue? So what do the Pretty ones add to the Kiss canon then? Not a lot, truth be told; arrangements barely fiddled with and Summers illustrating that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are far better singers than they're often given credit for.

All of which results in the usually (ahem) strutting 'Strutter' suddenly becoming a plod along and 'Shout It Out Loud' barely raising its voice. Kudos however, that less expected selections such as the hugely underrated 'Room Service', which successfully takes on a Sleazy persona, and 'Goin' Blind', which doesn't translate so smoothly, are tackled. These aside, other plus points are hard to find.

Unsurprisingly only two tracks come from anything other than the first six Kiss studio albums, the 'Creatures Of The Night' pair of 'I Love It Loud' and 'Creatures...' itself are utterly murdered by Summers; the former sorely lacking the Demon's touch and the latter the Starchild's pouting pizzazz.

This is non-essential stuff even for a Kissaholic like myself (although it will be added to the collection nonetheless...) and I'd guess that if you're a Pretty Boy Floyd fanatic, then you picked this up first time round. So what's the point of this album? Good question...

Steven Reid

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