Ragdoll - 'Ragdoll Rewound'

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Ragdoll - 'Ragdoll Rewound'

When they grab you they don't let go, getting in your head and shaking your brain like a dog with a rag doll.

Australia's Ragdoll have taken an unusual step here, sticking together their first two EPs, adding some live tracks and calling it an album. For those who already have the nine EP tracks already, the first five (from the 'Here Today' EP) have been re-mastered, whilst the second four (from 'Ragdoll Rock') have been re-mixed. Whether this has improved them is for the fans to decide. Me, I'm just happy to hear these tracks for the first time, as Ragdoll are anything but limp.

Ragdoll aren't a band to be easily pigeonholed, as their style wanders around a bit. It's always powerful, though, with big, catchy riffs and powerful vocals from Ryan Rafferty. There's a definite feel throughout of the lighter side of Grunge (I'm sure there is one) meeting full-on Southern Rock; like Pearl Jam and The Answer, but with a sprinkle of Stadium Rock thrown in for shits and giggles. As I said, not an easy band to pigeonhole, but I have these holes going spare and something has to be stuffed in them [in the words of 'Carry On' favourite Charles Hawtrey "ooo I say" – Ed].

There's a new track hidden amongst the live tracks (which are live in the studio, sense rather than in front of a baying audience), in the shape of 'Rewind Your Mind'. It's another classy track, really calling on the Grunge spirit of the 1990s, but not a bad song for all that. Of the two EPs, the second has more immediate and catchy songs, making the new track sound a bit like a step back, to be honest. The best thing about Ragdoll is that you can really feel the passion in the music, and when they grab you they don't let go, getting in your head and shaking your brain like a dog with a rag doll.

Alan Holloway

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