Rhapsody Of Fire - 'Dark Wings Of Steel'

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Rhapsody Of Fire - 'Dark Wings Of Steel'

Another epic from this stellar group of musicians.

Armed with a new recording contract and label, Rhapsody Of Fire are about to spread their ‘Dark Wings Of Steel’ – the group’s first since 2011’s ‘From Chaos To Eternity’.

Continuing in their ambitious ways, the recent membership upheavals and the bowing out of Luca Turilli to explore other musical plateaux have not damaged the insightful and rich vein of creativity that Alex Staropoli and mates work in. This proves to be an immense if somewhat ominous symphony, however masterful in its entirety. Drummer Alex Holzwarth’s brother Oliver has been the group’s bassist since 2011, and both brothers form a very solid rhythm section that allows the build-up of symphonic expressions that propels us to the highest level of the sound spectrum!

New to the family, Roberto De Micheli intertwines his guitar fluidly with the forceful and melodic keyboard journeys of founding member Alex Staropoli.  Long-time vocalist Fabio Lione delivers with such virtuosity and opulence that you can hear every musical breath he takes!  The opulence doesn’t just sit with Fabio, the whole of Rhapsody Of Fire drips with it!  Ah! They always have, since the beginning, this group pushes the envelope. Each recorded work has displayed the aforementioned opulence, a fearsome music entity that have not only sold over a million units, but brought their unique sound to millions of music lovers the world over.  The group is the most popular of this style of music, and continue to explore new vistas!


On this release, as with their others, each member shines in their own right, not overshadowed or pushed aside.  They all have room to roam.  The same elements that make this group unique, the classical expressions, the baroque signatures, the energy and those textured vocals, all mix seamlessly, with the added dimension of a new found confidence. Truly a masterful musical presentation, ‘Dark Wings Of Steel’ is a powerful, atmospheric river of sound, which continually builds from strength to strength.  Even in the quieter moments, you can sense an undertow that contains a crescendo or two, of voice and music. The orchestral movements add such depths, and coupled with the choral passages a rich texture of sound is painted, seldom heard so magnificently from other Symphonic outfits.

The album is full of passion, both musically and lyrically. This is testament to why this group is considered to be the frontrunner of its genre: Symphonic Metal forged with classical overtones.

‘Dark Wings Of Steel’ is another epic from this stellar group of musicians.

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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