R.U.S.T. - 'Forged In The Fire Of Metal'

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R.U.S.T. - 'Forged In The Fire Of Metal'

Debut album by Cypriot band R.U.S.T.

Although released on the Cyprus-based PBR label, this debut album from R.U.S.T. is essentially a self-release with the label taking care of promotion and distribution as part of its commitment to supporting the development of Cypriot rock and metal music.

It would not be wrong to say that my first listen to the album left me with a feeling of apoplexy…and then I read the accompanying information sheet. “Admittedly the sound might be rough and not polished to perfection…” it states. Yes, and yes – and the booklet further reports that the album was recorded in bassist George Xanthous’ bedroom!

What about the music?Is it still an album that might be worth getting? Well, the band claims to be influenced by the likes of Saxon, Savatage and Accept: so what you have here is quite traditional heavy metal, with opening song ‘The Thunder Rolls’ starting with the sound of, yes, thunder! It’s fairly routine stuff, but with a vocalist (Tasos Karonias) in need of greater control. ‘Metal Child’ is really no better, nor is ‘We Are Rock ‘N’ Roll’; it’s all been done before and so much better. ‘Phoenix In The Night’ is ruined by a desperate vocal performance, but then things start to pick up, ‘In The Streets Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ whilst still raw, reminds me a little of early Demon and has slightly better vocals and much improved musicianship while ‘Lady Of The Lake’ has an alluring introduction and the band begins to break free from formulaic and dated metal, though it’s still not all good news. ‘Straight To The Top’ has a decent enough chorus, but the overall performance lacks discipline! ‘Queen OfThe Amazons’ has some epic qualities, and I am sure is great live; ‘The Beginning’ sets the scene for the album’s title track into which it segues. Another longish track (over 8 minutes combined) it is clear that the band does not lack spirit and passion, and there are actually some quite decent harmony vocals.

So, to answer my own question: I really cannot recommend a purchase, but hope that like me other reviewers recognise that there is some latent potential, and the band get a shot at a second album recorded in a proper studio and with songs built upon the ideas from the best moments to be heard here.

Paul Jerome Smith

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