Shotgun Revolution - 'This Is Shotgun Revolution'

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Shotgun Revolution - 'This Is Shotgun Revolution'

Fresh, fun and talented, Shotgun Revolution may well be the best band to come out of Denmark.

It's been a few years since Denmark's Shotgun Revolution delivered their debut, although whilst that was a low key affair the follow up is set up for worldwide distribution/domination. Producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) claims they are 'the best rock band to come out of Denmark... ever', but to be honest there's not a huge amount of competition. Mind you, Volbeat, Pretty Maids and D.A.D. might quibble with that statement.

So onto Shotgun Revolution, who kick off the album with a short, angry track called 'Hustled 'n' Played', which is quite loud and sweary but not really that good. It's an odd choice of opener, as it's definitely the most metal track and not, I would say, representative of the real flavour of Shotgun Messiah. 'I Don't Care' follows in a similar vein, although is a better track, but everything really gets on track with third track 'Constantly', which has a brilliantly melodic chorus that miraculously isn't ruined by a small amount of shouting.

It's still heavy, with big riffs all over the background, but is helped out no end by the super smooth (when they have to be) vocals of Dee, who may or may not have a last name. Reminds me of the Foo Fighters a bit, and this isn't a bad thing. I suppose that the Foo's are probably the best barometer for Shotgun Revolution, but with that you have to throw in stuff like Mötley Crüe, Buckcherry and even a bit of Guns N' Roses to get a true picture. It's an energetic, melodic sound that has a solid, rocking base to it. There's even a very nice ballad, 'Hopefully', which would have got a thousand lighters waving in the 80s.

Shotgun Revolution have made a very, very good album here, even if the first couple of tracks are a bit full-on and at odds with the rest. My personal favourite is 'Just Getting High', a wonderful mid-paced, laid-back number about, well, getting high. Worth checking out on YouTube, it should be a good test of whether you will like the band, although it is one of the less rocky tracks.

Fresh, fun and talented, Shotgun Revolution may well be the best band to come out of Denmark, and yes, that does include Michael Learns To Rock and Nice Little Penguins.

Alan Holloway

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