Skillet - 'Victorious'

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Skillet - 'Victorious'

Another fantastic album by a band that have something for everyone.

The tenth album from "one of the biggest selling bands in the world that you've never heard of" feels like a natural progression from its predecessor 'Unleashed', which is unsurprising when you take into account that the writing process began shortly after that previous release saw the light of day.

Skillet sit – uncomfortably at times – somewhere between Pop and Metal, and that's even before we take into account the fact that the group ally themselves to the Christian faith. The music stands on its own merit whilst the band have more than coped with the crossover into the secular market since the release of the superb 'Comatose' album. Those still holding prejudice need to get a grip and give this fantastic group a chance.

Kicking off with the bouncing 'Legendary' – a close cousin to 'Invincible' – we're in familiar Skillet territory, albeit a little heavier. That heavier vein continues with the aggressive 'You Ain't Ready' where John Cooper's trademark rasp is present and correct; his voice is a perfect match for the more guitar-orientated material. If anything the difference between 'Victorious' and its predecessor is that there's more of a contrast separating the heavier material and the lighter moments; anthems like the crunching 'Save Me' – which has a hint of 'Whispers in the Dark' – coexist with the more melancholic ballads like 'Anchor' or the Imagine Dragons-like 'This Is The Kingdom'. Drummer Jen Ledger's individual contributions are limited on this release, but the interplay between her and John Cooper remains as strong as ever – 'Terrify The Dark' being one such highlight. However, Skillet's main strength lies in their more aggressive tracks. Always tempered by huge hooks and choruses, songs like 'Back To Life' and 'Never Going Back' are sure to whip the crowd into a frenzy if played live on their upcoming European tour.

'Victorious' is yet another fantastic album by a band that have something for everyone. If Skillet have gone under your radar, now is the time to put that right.

Mike Newdeck

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