The German Panzer - 'Send Them All To Hell'

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The German Panzer - 'Send Them All To Hell'

It's intense, it's nasty and it kick some serious f%*king ass.

The German Panzer is a classic Teutonic Metal power trio consisting of Accept duo Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann (guitars and drums respectively) as well as Destruction vocalist/bassist Marcel "Schmier" Shirmer; the release of their debut 'Send Them All To Hell' is bound to raise a few eyebrows within the Metal illuminati.

Developing from a conversation between Schwarzmann (now living in Switzerland) and legendary Swiss club 27 owner Norbert Mandel, the band came together surprisingly quickly; their united mission to deliver a spine snapping dose of old-school Heavy Metal befitting of their chosen epithet. Created in the main by Frank and Schmier, the ten songs which make up this rabid riff-fest that is '...Hell' ain't what you'd describe as particularly pretty to look at (or listen to) – indeed, the pink and fluffy brigade will almost certainly dive for safety behind momma's skirts as soon as caustic opener 'Death Knell' kicks in – but then again, Metal never was.

Coming across as a mixture of Accept, U.D.O and Rage with those inimitable Destruction-styled vocals riding on top; their no frills, no compromise brand of gut wrenching Metal will batter you into submission by the time track three 'Temple Of Doom' sticks its jackbooted foot through your front door! Yet, for all the face melting riffs, intense theatrical posturing and barbed lyrics, there's a tribal quality to The German Panzer that will intrinsically bind and endear them to serious old-school Metal fans ... and yes, that includes me.

Most of the songs are delivered on the gallop; thunderous bass and drum runs underpinning a seemingly endless barrage of acerbic riffs and strafing solos – as such, when they slow it down, as they do with the bellicose 'Why?', the impact is even more pronounced. Schmier's vocals have always been an acquired taste (although the same could certainly be said of Udo Dirkschneider), but the guttural snarls and growls work perfectly within the overall context of the band's overall sound.

It's intense, it's nasty and it kick some serious f%*king ass... just what the doctor ordered as an antidote to stress!

Dave Cockett

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