Twisted Sister - 'Rock 'N' Roll Saviors: The Early Years'

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Twisted Sister - 'Rock 'N' Roll Saviors: The Early Years'

Some of the most crucial live fragments of the early history by the most outrageous and politically incorrect NY-based eighties Metal band, ever.

Twisted "funking" Sister powerhouse overdose around here! Whether you are an amateur of Metal or already an S.M.F. (only the most twisted ones will dig it) hardcore fan, you can't avoid making your ears whistle at the listening of this three disc live collection which delivers some of the most crucial live fragments of the early history by the most outrageous and politically incorrect NY-based eighties Metal band, ever.

Frankly, whether this is an honest tribute to the late A.J. Pero and his distinctive contribution to the primitive sound of the band or a more materialistic way to raise some money by their label, it really doesn't matter that much. When you think that these people are in their sixties now and can still overwhelm you like a roaring Boeing landing in your backyard when let loose on a stage, then imagine what they could deliver back in those hungry/angry days. If you ever missed that chance, with this you have not only one but three live performances, two of which even go back in time to the small rotten Punkish clubs where our lovely twisted ones used to raise hell. Actually, there's no better way to taste the outrageous fury of the first stages of their career like the one spread in the first part of this live collection, which was set in a dodgy and noisy club in Detroit in 1979 (unfortunately I haven't got that much info to tell you exactly where due to the digital format I was provided).

Of course, all of the late seventies New York Punk scene, which they were inevitably involved in at the very beginning, is omnipresent throughout the duration of the recording, from the unedited starters of 'Rock 'N' Roll Saviours' and 'Pay The Price' (nothing to do with the heartfelt power ballad they would later conceive), to the savage version of 'I'll Never Grow Up, Now!' featuring the usual long, uplifting speech Dee Snider has been accustoming us to during the years. Not to mention the high-octane gasoline which fuels a rudimental and more sinister than ever 'Under The Blade' and the large number of never issued tracks that, with their style diversity, helped to forge the unique sound of TS. Even the cover of 'Johnny Be Goode' used to be properly twisted and played like some New York Dolls on steroids.

The second part of this triplet dates back to 1980 and it was recorded at the Hammerheads. In those days, their lethal music formula was already accomplished and America suddenly had another more disturbing and provoking piece of that cultural turmoil that would undermine the puritanism of its families, which almost at the same time would see other shock acts like W.A.S.P. and Mötley Crüe join the legacy of political incorrectness. Since then, 'What You Don't Know Sure Can Hurt You' started to be the introductive aggressive manifesto of their full-power shows along with 'Destroyer' an ultra-slow-paced monster track which would also influence other more extreme kinds of Heavy Metal.

The final part of this interesting box-set contains the epic Donington performance of 1983, where Twisted Sister showed off their muscles on British territory with a devastating set-list that included songs that would be rarely played in the future – 'Ride To Live, Live To Ride', 'We're Gonna Make It' and 'Like A Knife In The Back'. Needless to say that the way they sounded through the live format was even more energetic and fierce than the studio versions, you can hear the electric tension in the air coming out from this disc and it's so funny to hear Snider at the beginning of 'Destroyer' invite one of his fans to kick the ass of a probably annoying and molesting guy next to him. That's why we'll keep on being S.M.F.'s until the end of our days, isn't it? Because this band has always been bloody real and loyal, they started from nothing, fought against any odds with confidence and consistency, they even faced the American Senate while standing for their art and they never compromised. Do you know of any other Metal band more ballsy than this? I don't.

Enrico "S.M.F." Navella

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