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Latest Album Reviews

Classic Melodic Rock your thing? You’ll love this then… nuff said!
The quality of their output makes them one of the jewels in Frontier’s crown.
Treat just seem to get better as time goes on.
William Shatner - 'The Blues'
One of his best albums to date.
An energetic collection of tunes which are almost impossible not to tap your feet to. ...

Latest Concert Reviews

DSC_0173 1
The energy levels were high, from first song to last and performances all round were highly entertaining ...
I had some high expectations for today and they were surpassed beyond belief
A truly excellent evening of entertainment from both bands who performed in a very nice venue
The fiftieth anniversary of one of Prog’s most famous albums, ‘Close To The Edge’
Entertained by a staggering tidal wave of power, melody and sheer attitude
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