Devin Townsend - 'Retinal Circus'

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Devin Townsend - 'Retinal Circus'

Two DVD collection, filmed at the Roundhouse in London in October 2012.

I would have liked to have gone to this little extravaganza because, if I have learned anything about Mr Townsend, it is that he is likely to do practically anything in the context of his shows. And when you consider that this show was in essence a complete retrospective of his whole career, there was huge scope for things he could do.

And so it is, a two DVD collection, filmed at the Roundhouse in London in October 2012, with special guests, including many that have played a part in Devin's musical journey. And I really don't need to write too much about this, as I think it better that you just go out and buy it and experience it yourselves from a point of not really knowing what to expect. What I will tell you is that there are aliens, alien babies, choirs, acrobats, apes, trees, animals, pole dancers, large penises and vaginas; you name it and it will probably be here somewhere.

Ex Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon pops in for a couple of songs, (not telling you which though), as does rock journalist Dom Lawson, (although he only pops in for one). I will also tell you that Anneke Van Giersbergen is the perfect compliment to Devin's music on vocals. Also, Steve Vai is the 'narrator,' although he isn't actually there but appears on screens above the stage.

I was going to conclude by saying it really is a strange production, but really, by Devin's standards, it isn't. Some people may find it a little confusing, the 'story' is a little loose after all, but this is what music was invented for. It's a spectacle with easily as much to see as listen to. All musical shows would be more interesting if they were like this.

As I said, I wish I had been there.

Andy B.

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