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A reminder of both how good FM were in 1987 and how good they are now.

It's time to do the Time Warp again, as, almost a year to the day after British AOR stalwarts FM did a series of gigs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their classic debut album, the DVD has arrived like a little plastic time capsule.

There is, or course, many plus points to be scored here. The 'Indiscreet' album is rightly hailed as an AOR classic, and it's played straight through with no mucking about. Jim Kirkpatrick and Jem Davis, who never played on the original, get to sprinkle a little of their own magic at times, especially at the beginning and end of 'Love Lies Dying', but in general this is the album with extra bounce and non wimpy guitars on the ever amazing 'American Girls', although it's not as good as the 'original' live version from way back. Steve Overland sounds as good as he ever did, and the rest of the band don't put a foot wrong from beginning to end.

The audience gets to sing the intro to 'Face To Face', which certainly brings back memories, and at the end they even tack on 'Dangerous', an old B-Side that was re-recorded recently for the 'Wildside' EP. It's a real shame that they didn't also do the likes of 'Say It like It Is', 'Captured' or 'Love Lasts Forever', all B-sides of great quality from the same year. Also, it would have been nice to see more of the night's show, as the band came out to do more tracks, such as the brilliant cover of 'Hot Legs' that graced the early shows regularly. Hey, if the cameras were there already, why not do the lot? As a result, the whole show comes in at just under an hour, with the only bonus a 10 minute documentary that is good but too short.

Despite the above gripes, the DVD sounds excellent, and is competently filmed. It's pretty seamlessly taken from three different shows at Manchester, Glasgow and London, each filled to capacity with appreciative fans. If you were at any of the shows it's a great souvenir of a great night, and if you weren't it's certainly worth picking up as a reminder of both how good FM were in 1987 and how good they are now.

Alan Holloway

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