Rush - 'Clockwork Angels Tour'

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Rush - 'Clockwork Angels Tour'

The DVD/Blu-ray is stunning and will make a great stocking filler for any Rush fan.

Continuing the recent trait of a lavish DVD for every world tour, Rush present a beautifully filmed representation of the tour in support of the excellent 'Clockwork Angels' album. By his own admission bassist Geddy Lee had been suffering from sinus and subsequent vocal problems throughout the previous tour, but the 'Clockwork Angels' tour was a much better one for the band and this footage captures some of their strongest performances available for many of the songs. The rather surprising set-list starts with an almost exclusively 80s first set, including the majestic 'Subdivisions' and other keyboard-heavy selections including the rarely played 'Grand Designs', 'The Body Electric' and 'Territories', as well as the tuneful 'Bravado' and bass-led instrumental 'Where's My Thing', complete with a relatively short Neil Peart drum solo.

After the interval the next section contains no less than ten tracks from 'Clockwork Angels', the band accompanied by a string section through highlights that include the superb title track, the pyro-accompanied 'Carnies', the 'Bastille Day/By-Tor...' throwback 'Headlong Flight', and the simply beautiful 'The Garden' with one of Alex Lifeson's most stunning solos, although I have to say that the smaller moving screens don't come across as well as they did at a show. The string section stick around for 'Dreamline', 'Red Sector A' and 'YYZ', with the band finishing on their own with 'The Spirit Of Radio', 'Tom Sawyer' and the 'Overture/Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale' sections of '2112'. On this tour they've been alternating three songs at consecutive shows and the awesome 'Middletown Dreams', 'The Pass' and 'Manhattan Project' are also included in the extras (for some reason two of them have no sound on my promo!) and the occasionally played 'Limelight' is here too, albeit at a soundcheck and with Geddy only singing an occasional lyric.

Other extras include some amusing footage of the making of the back projections for the live show, a Family Guy spoof which has the Stewie character auditioning for Neil Peart's vacant drum stool, and the usual behind the scenes and tour documentary footage, which are really well done and show a band of friends happy with each other and their standard of performance throughout the tour. Anyone who's seen previous videos can attest to Lee and (especially!) Lifeson's abilities as natural comedians, which along with the great music and visuals leaves a great feelgood vibe once this epic DVD is over.

'Clockwork Angels' is available as a DVD, Blu-Ray and triple CD, although the Limited Edition hardback book housing them all is expensive (nearly £100 including postage) and is limited to 5000 copies, so will be sold out by the time you read this.

The DVD/Blu-ray is stunning and will make a great stocking filler for any Rush fan.

Phil Ashcroft

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