Wraith - 'Revelation'

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Wraith - 'Revelation'

'Revelation' is indeed a revelation, it's a most enjoyable album.

Wraith might hail from Nottingham, UK, but this album is totally Sunset Strip circa 1987. My initial experience of these guys was the first time I played this album and I was immediately taken back thirty years. This is an enjoyable romp back to the heyday of Hair Metal and Wraith just want me back in my bright red spandex and making a tit of myself after too many Newcastle Brown Ales.

'Revelation' has bags of attitude and charisma. It takes no prisoners right from the off and it even sounds like what I want to remember of the best eighties bands, albeit with a few minor discrepancies like it obviously hasn't had a six-figure sum spent on the recording, the band aren't all flowing hair and make-up, and thankfully (remember the spandex) it's not the eighties anymore.

This album is brimming over with riffs, big bouncy riffs and huge riffs bursting out all over the place. The melodies aren't subtle, the singer has the perfect Jack Daniels-trained voice and the drums are big and brash. The bass even rumbles along like a Harley on the Strip.

I wanted to dislike it, I wanted to say it's all a bit silly and has no right being released in this day and age, but I'd be lying. This is a fun album, a party Hair Metal (with the emphasis on the Metal) release with some brutal riffs and songs that are very listenable. I could pick at it and mention the little bits that just don't fit, but this album wouldn't be as good without them. It's a fine release that's no frills, no bullshit and made to be played loud.

'Revelation' is indeed a revelation, it's a most enjoyable album and I really like it. If you're a fan of Ratt, Dokken, Mötley Crűe or Spread Eagle, then this album will tick all your boxes.

Tony Marshall

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