Juliette Strange - 'Romeo Kills Romeo'

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Juliette Strange - 'Romeo Kills Romeo'

Not half as Strange as they think they are...

A Colchester and Nashville team up, Johnny Price and Jean-Paul Dehavilland are calling this both "eclectic" and "premium". It is not. It is "similar" and "unleaded". What is here is Indie, after 'What Lies Between Us' excites a little with a nice tight centre and a bleepy chorus, 'My Baby Slips Away' is content to show us a crunchier riff but 'Love Always' is a fey, airy, Indie bore and 'Swallow' may be fuzzier but it has a lazy chorus. This is clearly not a good thing.

And it continues this way, only really 'God Knows I'm Guilty', with the pushiness of a broadband salesperson and a chocolate box feel by the chorus, stands out. Some bands really push that Indie feel, making a play for a chart crossover, but this has the brittleness and self-regarding anguish of so many Indie bands that nestling in the centre is really all we can expect.

Not half as Strange as they think they are...

Steve Swift

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